Should I wait for rdr remastered?

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2021.10.23 21:29 -wolf-haley- Should I wait for rdr remastered?

I played rdr2 for the first time over the past spring and summer and I would like to play the original rdr. I heard there might be a remastered rdr in a couple of years and I don’t know if I should get it now or wait for better graphics. Should I just get it now?
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2021.10.23 21:29 PopRevolutionary1475 What do you expect from a love relationship?

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2021.10.23 21:29 LukasBroskie Question regarding the meeting between Thomas and Luca

After Thomas met Luca, he went outside with his brother then proceeds to shoot a wall with the pistol that Luca said it had no bullets.
Did Thomas actually had the chance to kill Luca, but he didn't?
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2021.10.23 21:29 ArthurCallahan1 Sony's marketing for NWH is genius

The teaser trailer gave us enough to be hyped without spoiling too much.
The hype for the second trailer is crazy atm.
They managed to spin the Andrew leak into a viral clip of him on Jimmy Fallon struggling to keep a straight face while denying involvement (Promoting without actually promoting)
And they just released a fucking meme template as a promotional image which will be all over the internet until the second trailer comes out lol
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2021.10.23 21:29 LA5101 guy with bad trip (NY State Dept. of Health, 1971)

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2021.10.23 21:29 Lookingforjoy17 “Wyatt” thought unvaccinated lives matter. Turns out, here at HCA, he’s absolutely right. They do matter.

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2021.10.23 21:29 JrGunz Found this good boy near malabon elenentary

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2021.10.23 21:29 SarcasticDebauchery [H][Guild Bank][Discord]is looking for more.

Socially Unacceptable is a semi casual horde guild looking for members new and old! Our foundation is made up of RL friends who are Wow Veterans. As the guild is growing quickly we aren't going to put a label on what we are other than looking to enjoy the nostalgia train.
Main goal is to provide a community to hang out, level, trade ideas & have help when you need it. Most of us are adults full with adult responsibilities and need a place to decompress. If that's what you're looking for we definitely got you!
Also want to provide a place to go if you're like myself and playing TBC from scratch. We have a great group of members that are willing to help anyone get started and build that momentum.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or an invite!
Discord: Seraynity#6714
In-Game Name: Seray or Seraynity
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2021.10.23 21:29 TechnoGamerOff ben a real one fr on god

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2021.10.23 21:29 Object-195 How much is too much toilet paper to be wiping with?

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2021.10.23 21:29 Doddleboddlle [PC] [H] Items below + Cr [W] To make them tact

Cobalt rlcs 21
Bs neuro agitator
also looking for tact painted vamp bats
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2021.10.23 21:29 Lonely_Person1 the oldschool emote have the running man image on it for some reason

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2021.10.23 21:28 Hapaliscious Falling asleep while chewing ☺️

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2021.10.23 21:28 bitterjuggler People in your 20s, what do you think people in their 40s just don't get?

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2021.10.23 21:28 RealDBCooper Band logistics: PHX > San Diego

My buddy and I are having a debate. Did the band:
A) Sleep at a hotel in Phoenix and the fly private to San Diego today
B) Sleep on the bus overnight en route
C) Fly private immediately after the show, sleep in hotel in San Diego
D) Other
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2021.10.23 21:28 Flowersmmm Where can you find real conspiracy documentaries/research now that they’ve all been taken off YouTube?

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2021.10.23 21:28 Ok-Use-9659 Carvana Fails Again

The reason I repeatedly order from Carvana is because I'm busy. When I go to a traditional car dealer, the sales people keep lying to me and derailing the transaction. I keep begging me just to charge MSRP, I don't need them to lie about the interest rate, I don't need them to lie about a discount. I don't need them to neglect to tell me about options and suddenly discover options installed at the last second.
But they don't list, they derail one deal after the next, for months.
I will say this about Carvana, they just sell you the car. Right. That's good.
But, the first car arrived without temporary tags, and I will note also arrived with "check tire pressure" light, which tells me it hadn't really passed the 150 point inspection as they claimed, because that is a point of inspection. Anyway they had no way to get me tags within 7 days, so I had to return the car. I wasn't going to get a 7-day test drive, as promised, so the car went back.
Now, I have ordered a second time, for delivery today. The driver never showed up.Says the key fob didn't work. Well, the key fob was one of the points of the 150 point inspection.
So once again, Carvana's 150 point inspection didn't catch a problem. And this time the driver cancelled the sale. Well, cancelled the delivery, I cancelled the sale. The reason is, the drive rescheduled without asking me when I was available, for a time when I am not available.
the easiest thing to do was cancel the sale, buy a different car, and that way I got the scheduler again on the website. I scheduled the car for a time I was available before all the available delivery dates had run out.
Can you believe treating the car as less important than the delivery schedule. But it's highly speculative in my mind, at this point, that Carvana does the things they claim. Let's just randomly see if they deliver the car on a third try. For me, I am not spending another week begging a new car salesman to just sell me the car without the routine. I never even got close to having a new car delivered - due to constant shenanigans.
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2021.10.23 21:28 TheCuratorofPixels 🎉GIVEAWAY GOING DOWN 10/27🎉 🔥👇👇👇👇🔥 @nftokenz on twitter 🚨🚨👉YOU MUST FOLLOW TO WIN👈. Floor price now 95% cheaper🚨. Current floor = $2.50 After 4 sales = $5.00 After 8 sales = $7.50 and so on up to 150 sales. Grab the token you like and own a piece of history!

🎉GIVEAWAY GOING DOWN 10/27🎉 🔥👇👇👇👇🔥 @nftokenz on twitter 🚨🚨👉YOU MUST FOLLOW TO WIN👈. Floor price now 95% cheaper🚨. Current floor = $2.50 After 4 sales = $5.00 After 8 sales = $7.50 and so on up to 150 sales. Grab the token you like and own a piece of history! submitted by TheCuratorofPixels to Eminem [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 21:28 Character-Ad2562 .

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2021.10.23 21:28 AESTHTK Deadmau5 is live right now in the Metaverse festival. Jump in!

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2021.10.23 21:28 icecubesareyep1 Someone was listing / willing to sell UTG remix but it got blocked by the seller waterfalls

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2021.10.23 21:28 W0kiesd0ntliv0nend0r 10 23 21 131 members 1 online

Accidentally stumble into anywhere, and Instantly become camoflagued. With The Grips on the wheel Drifting midways and turnpikes like the Toad In Frogger. Centrificacy Auto Generates when you're on the red pulse of topic of conversation. Just a nod, a grin, maybe a handshake and a laugh, and you can fit in to the scenery; Completely without ever really doing what the In do.
He was a man of class. Sometimes at the surface He could seem a bit fragile or shaken up about things. Always on task, up to DATE. Work, Work, Work, Work,
They called it WA. You go into a church or some gymnasium that caters to cheap expenses for the barrowing of sed Gymnasium for the Meetingplaces to take place. A Lot of anyone else you would talk to, in those halls, were usually NonAlchoholics and Gambling Addicts.. They would Always have coffee, that came in general issued styrofoam with sugar packets that would be left all over the place with drinking mixing straws, bent at Fellowship Angst angles.
Hank or Henry would arrive early, and would leave late. There just doesn't seem to be rest among us addicts. sip* Except Henry wasn't on that kind of a trip. In fact, He told me that, "He Just Comes Here Because He's Bored." - He said Those Words, "He Just Comes.." Apparantly the guy thinks too goddamn much. He started talking in multi people just to keep up with what he had to remember, from the previous time he told himself what exactly to do. Real Heavymind.
Without a flex of motion, He Seemed to glide along the crowd. Hehehehe, He was at an Art Gallery Called WAYWARD ARTISTS. Not even Flexing a muscle he skated through, A nod here, A hand Shake here, maybe even a Laugh or too; Even though He Knew He Outmatched Anybody He was prepared to talk to that night. I guess that's why He could really Have a Stand To Stand on. He Was Pro.
So far above our time, yet spent only so little of our time. Henry Yeilding, We Bow to ourselves because of you.
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2021.10.23 21:28 cshelpplz101 Is my workplace going to let my contract expire?

I’m on a contract job (~3 months in now) and my contract is nearing an end in a few months. I have a feeling my contract will not be renewed and here’s why:
1) I rarely, if ever, receive feedback. My supervisor is a very “tough-love” type of person and isn’t one to drown others in compliments. However, I still think it’s typical of supervisors to give their employees even the smallest bit of feedback. I asked my supervisor once how I was doing and she said I was doing “ok” and don’t need to worry about anything. This was a pretty underwhelming comment because I do go above and beyond and was expecting something more, but maybe I am overthinking it?
2) My proficiency/audit exam was rushed. My other coworkers had lengthy and in-depth audits while mine was very short and brief. I did not get tested in the same way they did as a lot of things in my audit were not brought up with me but were with my coworkers. I asked my supervisor about this and she mentioned that my audit was different because I work a standard M-F shift and I am always supervised, whereas my other coworkers work weekends alone and thus need a longer audit to ensure they can do things without supervision. This worried me because if they wanted to keep me after my contract expired, they would put in the effort to ensure that I really am sufficiently trained with or without supervision.
On the other hand, I can tell that my supervisor likes me more than the other employees. She will approach me while working and will ask me if the other older colleagues are showing me around properly and if I feel there are some gaps in my training and how we can address them while she just ignores the other contract employees. She also chats with me a lot when I go into her office to the point where my coworker mentioned that we spend an abnormal time together in her office. The same coworker also said she feels my supervisor is very lenient with me and favours me, which would explain the rushed proficiency/audit exam, in her opinion.
Am I overthinking this? Do you think these are signs my employer does not want to keep me on?
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2021.10.23 21:28 ShortAlgo $SAN Waiting For Buy Signal on SAN

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2021.10.23 21:28 DollarStoreTonyStark Cold-approach burnout: Is getting recruited/referred the only way to break into [N]otorious B.I.G/Unicorn anymore?

These companies have several thousand openings and after 3 months of apps I feel like I'm getting nowhere fast. Some even have limits on submissions every 30 or 90 days. How can I stand out? Should I start hitting up recruiters on linkedin?
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