What are some of your favourite horror movies where the protagonist is a ridiculously unstoppable badass?

2021.10.23 19:59 orelduderino What are some of your favourite horror movies where the protagonist is a ridiculously unstoppable badass?

For example, I just watched Stake Land and Stakelander again, and I find it really fun that Mister is such a terrifying killing machine.
Also just in general, I love Nick Damici. He's also pleasingly badass in Late Phases.
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2021.10.23 19:59 FortniteWonders A little meter that moves up and down to show damage in battle would be really good

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2021.10.23 19:59 paradigm_x2 [Post Game Thread] #23 Pitt defeats Clemson 27-17

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2021.10.23 19:59 Available-Stage-8869 Advanced Piano Tricks To Impress Your Friends | No.9 Piano Trick Tutorial

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2021.10.23 19:59 aberyl Ate a Stinkhorn, AMA

Found some stinkhorn buttons (Phallus impudicus) and I figured, if Captain Charles McIlvaine) liked 'em, why not give it a go! I dry-sautéed with salt, no butter. They reminded me a lot of bacon, the outside gel getting crispy and cooking much like bacon fat would, with surprisingly similar taste. I can see how they are revered as a delicacy in some cultures. The inner spores were interesting, and not necessarily off putting. But rind pieces were by far the preferred cut, which was unexpected, as their slime and gel had a most unappetizing appearance raw. I cooked these about a week ago for myself and my adventurous BIL to no ill effects. I've heard of people having issues when eating them, so cannot in good faith recommend. But if I ran across stinkhorn buttons again, I'm cooking them up! 8/10
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2021.10.23 19:59 Admirateur1 Tara Davis

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2021.10.23 19:59 throwaway27689364849 When you’re in a funk/ feeling down, what do you do to pull yourself out of that negative headspace?

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2021.10.23 19:59 TheOsttle it’s too early to think…

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2021.10.23 19:59 deathlyhallows30 Foods that make you vomit?

I've not had actual sickness only nausea and I'm not 2nd trimester. Had mac and cheese for dinner tonight and was completely ill after it! First time I've vomited this pregnancy and feel awful, anyone had food that randomly triggered sickneas/upset stomach?
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2021.10.23 19:59 Educational_Cod_4931 Im trying to write my own novel but im worried its going to be too similar to h.p lovecrafts work.

In my novel a detective Will eventually obtain infinite knowledge. Im not sure if he will get it from an artefact or if it will be granted to him by some god and my concern is that A. It would too similar to h.p lovecraft with an old god that gets discovered and possibly awoken by the protaganist and B. That when he gets hints about the location of this diety/artefact there will be rhyme and it will involve the location in some way and in pretty sure that there is something like that in call of cthulhu and im wondering if these things are too similar and i should change them alot, a bit or not at all.
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2021.10.23 19:59 MakeshiftTOOL An interesting idea for upcoming seasons.

I was just commenting on another post about pet drops and had an interesting idea. What if in a future season Blizzard give Menargerist goblins pets from past seasons, with a very small possibility of dropping pets like Diablo and the like? I know everyone who earned those pets will be pissed, but the game is nearing its end of life, give us late commers a chance!
I don't want to disrespect the veteran players, so maybe they can make small changes in the pets, like color, or animations, this way folks that have the pets already will have something to collect.
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2021.10.23 19:59 Fawnadeer101 Meech for Halloween

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2021.10.23 19:59 lightandloveboo Edmonton to Vancouver Move!!

Moving to Vancouver at the end of the month. I'm looking to rent U-Box. Anyone moving and like to split costs with me? I'm getting one box, don't have up to one room but it's the cheapest option so far. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear it
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2021.10.23 19:59 HopeWolfie18 Thoughts?

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2021.10.23 19:59 Rugbyjuice2 I'll cum for whoever u want, hmu

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2021.10.23 19:59 DANNYonPC Scrapped BF1 DLC

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2021.10.23 19:59 Ok-War-9040 In machine learning, do we optimize the machine learning algorithm or do we optimize the cost function?

sometimes it is not even clear to me what the machine learning algorithm is.... like if we are using a gaussian distribution to fit the data and trying to guess the best parameters for the gaussian distribution, what is the machine learning algorithm and what is the cost function?
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2021.10.23 19:59 theviallone What mixer do you use? Specifically for making Divinity.

I keep burning up mixers making divinity. I’ve tried hand mixers and Kitchenaid stand mixers and it’s just too much resistance mixing the candy for the time needed. What kind of mixer is the most heavy duty?
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2021.10.23 19:59 AbbyUpdoot Blep to the Promised Land

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2021.10.23 19:59 Happy_Environment_74 😌

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2021.10.23 19:59 Pink0612152504 Which of these foreign language film do you like the best and why?

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2021.10.23 19:59 Remarkable-Ad7499 What is the stupidest thing you have ever done or said?

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2021.10.23 19:59 TwirlyGirl313 Your spending habits?

What is the most you've spent on KOA in a two week period? Do you spend for equipment, portraits, skins, heroes. artifacts, or something else?

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2021.10.23 19:59 JarokAlex Hey!! I update my prices :)

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2021.10.23 19:59 Maxedout2495 26 M4A looking for those Kino Der Toten at 5am vibes!

Hey I'm an average creative professional, I love league of legends, valorant, B4B, steins gate, etc your typical games and anime type of guy. Avg build, mixed ethnicity to give you a picture of myself lol. I do digital and physical art for streamers, internet personalities and musicians so I love art. It would be cool to meet someone who's also into the creative field but really anyone who is free spirited and fun to be around! I spend pretty much allllll day at home working and I've gotten pretty bored and ever since covid it's been super hard to meet new people so I'm hoping to find a friend or group who are like minded and want to hang out! I'm engaged and me and my fiancee are LS friendly and she goes out alot but it's really not my thing so I figured it would be nice to connect with someone on my off hours! I'm not looking for anything more than a platonic relationship but do keep in mind me and my fiance are LS friendly so we are typically sexual in nature but that mostly extends to our sense of humor and style (our apt is littered with handpainted hentai portraits and figurines etc) idk if I can link socials here but pm me if you want to connect! I'll send you my IG so you get a sense of who I am through my art! It's probably the best way to introduce myself. Can't wait to meet you!
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