Did Farming Change in the Last Update? Or advice on what might be the issue.

2021.10.23 20:36 Mayday-J Did Farming Change in the Last Update? Or advice on what might be the issue.

I have a custom map and about 650 settlers, three districts. One main district that basically has it all, and two others that kind of just survive.
For hours of game play, cycles/years however you want to put it everything was fine, I had no issue with food and the main district was constantly about 25000 food and I was exporting a lot of it to other districts to supplement them. I was VERY careful about increasing population to not overstep food production.
"Seemingly" out of the blue things went south all of a sudden, I haven't really changed much other than trying to make things more efficient.
Now the main settlement waves between 7000-9000 even after increasing production, adding in more bee hives and digging more channels to keep water to more areas. And Ive doubled the farmers WELL past what was needed before

When potatoes and wheat are farmed it seems like the efficiency is very low and the entire map is surviving on berries. The only reason i mention the update is because it seemed to happen about the same time.
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2021.10.23 20:36 windydruid Gear FT open to offers

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2021.10.23 20:36 frog_666_ loner

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2021.10.23 20:36 restingprince41_ foreshadowing

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2021.10.23 20:36 DarkUrGe19 Burglary Victim Told to Collect Evidence on His Own Due to Police Staffing Shortage.

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2021.10.23 20:36 bboypr24 Why is it so hard to reward good defense?

If the ball is exposed and the defensive player times it, thats a poke or a steal. Every damn year we see these cheese dribble god builds and they literally dribble the ball through our hands. 2k needs to stop nerfing steels and make dribbling and defense about position and spacing. It's not that's hard.
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2021.10.23 20:36 wxrmth_ [Recruiting] Team Sinful | Th8+ | 62 | 1 | War/Farm | Independent

Stay active, donate, participate in war and swim in loot!
Join here:
Team Sinful https://link.clashofclans.com/en?action=OpenClanProfile&tag=2QYRLGQ0C
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2021.10.23 20:36 DevilsCabbage69 SHIBarmy is the new Dogecoin sub for me...

Just saying you guys are way more wholesome than what Dogecoin sub has turned out to be. I used to love dogecoin sub but then it turned to be more filled with hate to other cyrpto and they lost the do only good everyday sentiment. Sucks big time. Happy to be here!
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2021.10.23 20:36 nointernett X Factor Dev Upgrade

Okay, Im trying to decide who I should give the X-Factor Upgrade to in my CFM, Jameis Winston or Kellen Mond! Thoughts?! Jameis is higher overall already and only 27 but I’ve heard Mond is sneaky good!
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2021.10.23 20:36 The_voice_reason Definitely not the place for this but…

So I’m doing my passport and for one of the sections it asks for my previous employer. I worked at fckn Walmart. who’s my employer? Walmart?!? The manager? Jeffery fuckin bezos? Serious question. If you know the answer message me. don’t reply on post cus it may be removed. Thanks
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2021.10.23 20:36 LavaSticker Rig100?

How do I hear game audio from these bc I’ve tried pluggging them in and trying to see what’s wrong but I can only hear the party audio from someone talking.?
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2021.10.23 20:36 69russianbot420 Ron's Advice Corner (1/???)

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2021.10.23 20:36 hibbert0604 After watching Clemson today, it really makes me wonder how we only scored 10 points on them. What do you guys think?

That's legitimately the only bit of pepper spray I have left. I can't figure it out and it honestly makes me question our entire season. Lol
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2021.10.23 20:36 ThatRocketSurgeon I entered a spectator race today…

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2021.10.23 20:36 Ghost-Warrior777 What’s everybody’s opinion on the new outfits do you think they should be more inconspicuous or do you like the more unique looks

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2021.10.23 20:36 Important_Network67 Need advice+little rant

I'm a 19(F) years old college student, idk where to start I'm not very used to ranting online but here goes nothing! So as I said I'm a student, turning 20 next summer. I'm an introvert who always had a bit of difficulties socializing, however, lately it's been getting out of hand. I am a junior in college and until now, I have made 0 friends, not even an exageration, I don't know a single person in my college, I don't really mind being on my own, I enjoy solitude. However, I'm worried that things will always stay that way from now on, back in high school I had plenty of friends, and in middle school and elementary school I was a loner but made a lot of internet friends, now I only have 2 friends (met in high school) and I feel like one day we might grow apart and I will be on my own, so I really want to get to know new people, but I just can't! Both online and offline, the most I achieve is small talk, and then people walk away and never talk to me again. I know that I should "go in my own pace and take things slow" but I also know that after college, it will be near impossible to make friends. Another aspect I'm worried about is relationships, I do believe I'm still too young for relationships and I don't even want to be in one rn, but I feel like it's about time I start seeing people and learning about relationships, that way I don't come off as immature once I'm older and ready for a serious relationship, but how am I supposed to do that when I don't know a single guy. If anyone has ever been in a situation like this before, how did you work things out? Ik my post is all over the place but as I said earlier I'm bad at expressing my feelings
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2021.10.23 20:36 t554 So good

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2021.10.23 20:36 Anontubalegolasammil The sex between me (f26) and my bf (m29) is different now

My bf (m29) has been acting different with me (f26) sexually. We’ve been seeing each other a little over 7 months. I’ll preface this by saying that about a month ago, I told him that I was molested as a child, but that I barely remember it (which is the truth). He was very shaken by this and we didn’t have sex for about a week and a half after I told him, not because I didn’t want to, but because he said he was processing it. We’ve been having sex again for a few weeks now but I feel like it’s been different than before.
I feel like I have to almost beg him to go down on me; I have to bring it up multiple times in the day or days prior before he’ll do it. He used to just do it all the time without any encouragement from me because he normally loves it, and always says how much he loves it.
He kisses me all the time but they’ve just been pecks recently, we rarely make out now. I feel like he doesn’t give me real kisses very often. I’ve had to say “give me a real kiss!” And I hate doing that, I want him to just want to do it and want to do it.
When we have sex now there’s not a lot (or any) foreplay like there was before, a lot of times he just wants to stick it in. Which is fun sometimes and sometimes I like that, but typically it’s more fun and feels better if there’s foreplay. We haven’t been making out at all before having sex and I feel like I have to INSIST on kissing before or during if I want to, and I feel like he just pulls always from kissing pretty quickly. I also have been noticing he hasn’t really been making eye contact with me during, or if he does he’ll stop pretty quickly.
All of this has been making me feel like he doesn’t find me super attractive and I’ve found myself comparing myself to other women even more recently. Even though he tells me all the time how hot and sexy and beautiful I am, the sex just feels different for the reasons above.
Am I reading into things too much? I don’t know how I should bring this stuff up to him.
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2021.10.23 20:36 choptelevision im so glad he finally won

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2021.10.23 20:36 dect60 Facebook's Fall From Grace Looks a Lot Like Ford's

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2021.10.23 20:36 boqueteazul ¿Alguien recuerda los nombres de los juegos de patio/escuela que juagaban cuando niños?

No me recuerdo muy bien qué jugaba cuando era pequeña, pero si se acuerdan, me corrigen jaja:
1) dan dan deo (ni me acuerdo cómo era la canción completa jaja!)
2) Se murió Lola
3) Un dos tres pescao
4)Pillo y policía
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2021.10.23 20:36 Keith_Nicholson Bro, I think I'm pregnant

Like, with fucking sextuplets or some shit, man, 'cause my stomach really fuckin' hurts right now, y'all got no idea.
It's, like, fuckin' Kulkulkan doing that fire-hammering thingy on my fuckin sides, yo. Or, like, that ain't it. The ppinty-eared dude that nerds worship. With the funky hand thing, y'know, like, the thing that hurts but not really compared to the fuckin nuclear explosion in my fuckin stomach. Rhymes with kulkulkan. Like, the dude who makes mountains blow up and vomit rock and shit. Bro, you know what I mean, right?
Anyway, man, it really fuckin hurts, and, uh, yeah. Could be that my dumb white ass ate somethin with too many vowels in it, but, like, I ain't hallucinatin' yet, so I think I'm morning sick.
It's like four A.M. right? Wait. Nah. Four P.M. Gimme a break, man, I'm pregnant.
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2021.10.23 20:36 ajarnumb Aquarius type

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2021.10.23 20:36 PassAdministrative86 4641 7857 8326 darkrai need 10

Be online
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2021.10.23 20:36 Bot-alex Senior Tories tell chancellor: spend, don’t cut, to level up

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