Taylor Swift vs Jessica Alba

2021.10.23 20:15 unter-freunden Taylor Swift vs Jessica Alba

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2021.10.23 20:15 PubgMobile992 All of her content

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2021.10.23 20:15 barrahhhh Olivia <3

Ngl, I was almost going to bail on H3 until Olivia came on board. She adds such a balanced, mindful voice to the dynamic of the channel and I'm here for it 👏🏼 if Hila was on to more than just Fridays too, that would be amazing... #sistersunite
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2021.10.23 20:15 jpgreff Sidequest Won't Connect, but I get the message to approve

I'm sorry if this has been asked too much, but I can't connect to sidequest. I get the message saying (allow data to be connected) and hit allow but it has no effect. I'm in developer mode too. Has anyone had a similar issue? I just downloaded sidequest today
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2021.10.23 20:15 EmploymentSoggy5652 Furry_irl

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2021.10.23 20:15 OneLurkerOnReddit Election of 1828 | Pax Francia?

Election of 1828 | Pax Francia? Summary of Andrew Jackson's First Term
After Andrew Jackson's controversial presidency, not two, not three, but six parties have nominated candidates for the presidency. This election will likely be a referendum on primarily the National Bank (which expires in 1831) and the Spanish-American War, but secondarily on the Spoils System, Indian Removal Act, and Freemasonry.
Andrew Jackson/Daniel D. Tompkins: A lot has happened in Andrew Jackson's first term. The first thing he did was remove minor, but qualified officeholders, who were not fully loyal to him; this practice has been referred to by some as a "Spoils System." He also signed Indian Removal, expanded voting rights to all white adult men, and moderately lowered tariffs, all of which the Democratic-Republican Party generally support.
Slavery was also an important issue during Jackson's term, as the western territories demanded statehood. While personally an unrepentant slaveowner, Jackson pushed for compromise on the issue. Jackson got compromise with the Foreman Incident, which Jackson could use as an excuse to start war with Spain. He then made a deal with John Q. Adams and Daniel Webster's wing of the Federalist Party, where they would support Jackson in war with Spain, while Jackson push against slavery in the western territories. Anti-slavery Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins supported the deal.
For his next term, Jackson promises to win the Spanish-American War, abolish the National Bank, further lower tariffs, and build more internal improvements; he wasn't able to do the last of those in his first term. Andrew Jackson is also a high ranking Freemason, leading the Anti-Masons to strongly oppose him. He is endorsed by the National Federalists, who are a breakaway of the Federalists opposed to the National Bank.
President Andrew Jackson
Nicholas Biddle/Joseph Kent: The Federalist Party has nominated Senator from Pennsylvania Nicholas Biddle. Biddle and the Federalists strongly oppose Jackson's "Spoils System," denouncing it as a corrupt practice, and the Indian Removal Act. In economic policy, they support high tariffs and internal improvements. Biddle is not a Mason and the party as a whole has remained neutral on the order.
Biddle has drawn the ire from both Democratic-Republicans and Free Soilers for several statements he made. The Democratic-Republicans have attacked Biddle for the fact that he not only supports the National Bank, but wants it to be completely independent from the executive or legislative branches of the United States government, once writing, "no officer of the Government, from the President downwards, has the least right, the least authority" to meddle "in the concerns of the Bank".
Meanwhile, the Free Soilers have accused him of supporting slavery and showing a series of letters where he denounces abolition. Biddle has denied these accusations, saying that he opposes the expansion of slavery and denouncing the Spanish-American War. However, he has never openly endorsed abolition.
Senator from Pennsylvania Nicholas Biddle
John Q. Adams/Richard Rush: Former president John Q. Adams is running on the Anti-Masonic ticket, with Richard Rush as his running mate. The Anti-Masons are generally Federalist leaning on economic policy, supporting high tariffs and internal improvements. While most of the party supports a National Bank, it is nominally neutral on the issue, even nominating an Anti-Bank running mate. The Anti-Masonic Party mostly focuses on is attacks on the Freemasons, which they believe is a secret elitist organization which wants to take control of the government. As evidence, they bring up the disappearance of former Mason William Morgan, saying that the Freemasons killed him.
John Q. Adams was president from 1821 to 1825. During his one term in the office, he got the country out of the Panic of 1819, increased tariffs, built infrastructure, spoke against Indian Removal, and increased the size of the military. Since his presidency, as Representative, he agreed to Andrew Jackson's deal regarding the Spanish-American War, wanting to stop the expansion of slavery to the west. Adams and his party oppose Indian Removal and the "Spoils System."
Former President John Q. Adams
John Sergeant/Thomas Morris: The Free Soil Party has nominated John Sergeant and Thomas Morris for President and Vice President, respectively. The party has decided to focus its campaign on opposition to the Spanish-American War, saying that it's just a tool to expand east to lands where Jackson will institute slavery. They also say that Jackson is a liar who should not be trusted by major Federalist politicians.
The party has not taken any positions on tariffs, internal improvements, or a National Bank, but Sergeant supports all three, even having major connections to the National Bank. Morris, meanwhile, opposes the Bank and high tariffs, while being neutral towards internal improvements. Both oppose Indian Removal and the "Spoils System." Sergeant is a former Federalist, while Morris is a former Jacksonian.
Representative from Pennsylvania John Sergeant
John Randolph "of Roanoke"/William Wilkins: Running primarily in the south, John Randolph "of Roanoke" of the States' Rights Party is also running for president. Like the Free Soil Party, the States' Rights Party also opposes the Spanish-American War, but for very different reasons. They do not find any compromise where the west of the US doesn't have slavery unacceptable. However, they support Jackson on many of his other policies, such as the Indian Removal Act, Spoils System, and lowering of tariffs. They strongly oppose the National Bank and are mixed in regard to internal improvements.
Their nominee is John Randolph, commonly referred to as John Randolph "or Roanoke." He first grew to national fame when he dueled president Aaron Burr, which ended up being the final nail in the coffin for Burr's career. In the duel, he was wounded, but has since recovered. He rose to national prominence once again, after he beat fellow Representative Willis Alston bloody, after Alston had called Randolph a "puppy". Randolph was appointed to the position of Secretary of State by Andrew Jackson, but Randolph resigned from the post in opposition to the Spanish-American War, not because he favors slavery, but because he saw the war as nationalistic. Randolph supports Indian Removal.
Randolph has mixed feelings on slavery, founding the American Colonization Society in 1816, which dedicated itself to sending freed slaves to Africa, but he still thinks that slavery is necessary in his home state of Virginia, saying, "the question of slavery, as it is called, is to us a question of life and death ... You will find no instance in history where two distinct races have occupied the soil except in the relation of master and slave." Randolph is also known for his fiery character and great oratory. He is also known for being extravagant, (when he was Representative from Virginia) often showing up to Congress accompanied by his slaves (of which he owns hundreds) and hunting dogs.
Processing img 6dj0cmoy7av71...
William H. Crawford/John Holmes: The Bucktails are a dying party, mostly held together by their dislike of Andrew Jackson for various reasons, including opposition to the Spoils System, opposition to slavery, and support for the National Bank. However, the Bucktails still largely oppose tariffs and support internal improvements. Their downward spiral was accelerated when former president and founder of the party Aaron Burr came out of retirement to support Andrew Jackson for the presidency and oppose the National Bank, which, ironically enough, was previously rechartered during his term as president.
The Bucktail nominee for president is William H. Crawford, with John Holmes as his running mate. Crawford is an unrepentant slaveowner from Georgia who supports compromise on the issue of slavery, as well as the Spanish-American War. Like most of his party, he supports both the National Bank and internal improvements. In 1823, Crawford suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed and nearly blind. While he seems to have fully recovered from it, his enemies still accuse him of being in bad health. Crawford was the Secretary of State under James Monroe, where he was hailed as the architect of Monroe's foreign policy. It was him who organized the Crawford-Bagot Treaty, the reciprocity treaty with Sweden, and the survey of the eastern coastline of the United States. Crawford has previously been a Democratic-Republican.
Former Secretary of State William H. Crawford
While there are six candidates running, no state has more than four candidates on the ballot, except for Pennsylvania. Andrew Jackson and Nicholas Biddle are both in ballots in all 20 states. Due to a deal between Free Soilers and Anti-Masons, the two parties have split all northern states between them so as to avoid splitting the vote too much. Under this deal, the Anti-Masons will be on the ballot in Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York, while the Free Soilers will be on the ballot in Ohio, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Both will be on the ballot in Pennsylvania.
Because of the Bucktails weakness in the west, Crawford will only be on the ballot in some states near the east coast, including Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Delaware.
Meanwhile, Randolph and Wilkins are only on the ballot in the south, more specifically: Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and the sole northern state of Pennsylvania.
View Poll
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2021.10.23 20:15 Swordfish-Logical How can you Meet your boyfriend parent.

Hi everyone!
How have you been, guys? I spent another evening reading your sweet messages (THANK YOU for causation them to me), and that i found a message from Amber. She is meeting her boyfriend’s oldsters for the primary time and it’s like she’s very disquieted concerning it. To continue reading: https://allwiches.com/2021/10/21/im-meeting-my-boyfriends-parents-for-the-first-time-how-do-i-make-them-like-me/
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2021.10.23 20:15 TrueChillery Need help

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2021.10.23 20:15 twiggs462 Is there an easier way to make grids on canvas?

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2021.10.23 20:15 MountainDude95 How do I get rid of my Reddit addiction?

I’ve gotten way too dependent on this hell site. I’m on it all the time. Any spare minute I’m basically pulling it up and browsing. It’s gotten to the point where I feel gross using it, but I keep doing it anyway because I’m bored and don’t know what else to do.
I went on vacation earlier this month and deleted it for the entire time I was gone. It was pure bliss. I felt reconnected with my surroundings and more well-adjusted to life. I tried continuing without it when I got home, but due to my “dead times” resuming I once again downloaded it and went back to my old habit immediately.
The crux of the problem is that I don’t have anything good to replace it with. I love reading books, but I find they take more mental energy than mindlessly scrolling on Reddit, so ultimately when I try reading I end up just reading a couple of chapters then go back to Reddit for a break. It’s exhausting.
I don’t want to replace it with other social media, either, as that shit is way too toxic and my brain needs to just get away from it all. Maybe mobile games would be better but I’d rather break my dependence on my phone entirely.
I honestly just want to get away from it.
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2021.10.23 20:15 CloudyReign147 Here’s to another Saturday night spent alone and inside

Anyone else in the same boat tonight?
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2021.10.23 20:15 EZPZLimonSqueez Did you get a separate license when you applied for endorsement in a non-compact state in the US?

I was approved for NJ and never received anything in the mail. What do I do when I apply for jobs and they ask for a copy of my NJ license? Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.23 20:15 snarkpark offended? learn to scroll idiot

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2021.10.23 20:15 ghostfacekilla12 Love a classic vladdy auto with the old school expos uniform

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2021.10.23 20:15 Hypnoidz If you could transport your consciousness to a day in your past and relive it the exact way it previously took place. What memory would it be?

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2021.10.23 20:15 My_name_is_Bot East Side Doorman Says Deceased Resident Had Promised Him Fortune - Patch.com

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2021.10.23 20:15 jimmyjamma90 Samsung Dryer HE Code

I was having an issue with my Samsung dryer not heating at all (Model #DV42H5200EP). I replaced the heating element and cleaned out all the venting thinking that this was the culprit of burning out the heater since it was pretty full.
Ran a full "Normal" cycle and got an HE error after about 30 minutes. Let it cool down and ran a couple short cycles for 20 minutes and got the HE error. The heater is working it's almost like it's running too hot, or something that regulates it is not working. I am fine replacing the parts just not sure where to go next.
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2021.10.23 20:15 thedragonrider5 Need help to I'd theirs skull found in north idaho

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6077 4126 4798
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Schreibt mich an
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2021.10.23 20:15 Strict_Consequence11 Windows glass too thin

Hi everyone,
I'm new to this sub, so apologies if this has been discussed already.
We had a window basically get blown in and smash with the wind. Was laying in bed at the time.
We had a tradesman come out to repair it and he said the glass is too thin. Only 3mls thick when legally required to be 5ml.
My cat was laying under the window when it smashed. Currently waiting at the emergency vet with him. Hopefully the cut isn't too deep. Just thankful he isn't dead.
I'm wondering what our rights are here? Is the landlord legally required to replace all the windows?
I don't really care about trying to recoup the vet bills, just thankful it doesn't seem to be life threatening.
Just really worried that this could happen again and either we, or our pets could be seriously injured next time.
Appreciate any advice.
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