Staking rewards question

2021.12.06 11:12 drumbacele Staking rewards question

Staking rewards % are paid from your initial stake in $ value that are paid in cro, or that % is paid in cro at current value of your ammount of cro? Fuck it doesn't make sence....
I'll try again...
If I stake $5000 ($5000 % $0.52/CRO = ~9615 CRO) today in DeFi wallet with 12% APR. So am I getting 12% of $5000 worth of CRO ($5000 × 0.12% = $600) (as of innitial dollar value of stake), or that will be paid in % of CRO that I've initially staked ( 9615 CRO × 0.12% = 1153 CRO)?
Hope that makes sence
P.S. English is my 3rd language
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2021.12.06 11:12 waterontheknee Aerodactly won't be caught

I've never had this issue before but this is second time in as many days where I cannot hit an aerodactly. Help?
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2021.12.06 11:12 Pezamaria Arrived two days after ordering! Very happy! #secretlab

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2021.12.06 11:12 KushalDn Day 6 of our 31 days affirmations challenge

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2021.12.06 11:12 TheeCryptoPimp The Meme Summoner was here! (Sir Slim 16)

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2021.12.06 11:12 Either-Ad9196 He had a bullet hole he would die ! Healty Now

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2021.12.06 11:12 Radiant_eagle573 Zoro's character development subtle yet beautiful

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2021.12.06 11:12 jobsinanywhere Prince Edwards Island Apprenticeship

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2021.12.06 11:12 bmtkwaku how to print "done" when input isnt negative, isnt 2, isnt 4 or isnt 5? seems like condition always evaluates to True

user = 0 while (user < 0) or (user !=2) or (user!=3) or (user!=5): user = int(input("number?")) print("done") 
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2021.12.06 11:12 bosspjm [CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS, MATH]

hello I've been doing homework commissions. please help me boost this to find more clients because I really really need funds right now. you can see me on FB my name is "Thiaa Kim" .🤗 My services are: -gen math -trigonometry -calculus -statistics and probability -biology -chemistry -physics
-Programming (Java, C++, Python) -Essays -Infographic -Poster -Powerpoint -Reflection
~ I give my 100% best to do the given tasks!❤️
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2021.12.06 11:12 Kerberos_kpk 🐶 Red Floki - GEM x100 🐶 Stealth Launched 5 Hours - MC $4k!! | 🧠 Unique Ideas and Tokenomics! | 💰 HUGE Daily Prize Draw | 💎 The next BSC 100x!!

🐶 Red Floki - GEM x100 🐶 Stealth Launched 5 Hours - MC $4k! | 🧠 Unique Ideas and Tokenomics | 💰 HUGE Daily Prize Draw | 💎 The next BSC 100x!
📝CONTRACT: 0xd975f939216cdc777438d0ef518e96d022896309
Welcome to Red Floki
We present you Red Floki
Lottery Fee:
-Out of every buy transaction 1% will automatically go to our Loterry wallet while on each sell that transaction will turn into 1%.
Liquidity Fee:
-We have also implemented a tax of 1% on each buy & 1% of each sell transaction to be added back into the liquidity pool. This will provide us a stronger floor and give a bigger incentive to hold.
-After launch we will submit for an audit and it will be done in the upcoming week.
🚀Red Floki Tokenomics🚀
-Total Supply
-Network - BEP20
-Burn - 0%
-PCS Liquidity - 95%
-Team Wallet - 5%
🚀Total Tax🚀
1 % Buy - 1% Liquidity
1 % Sell - 1% Liquidity
🌐CONTRACT: 0xd975f939216cdc777438d0ef518e96d022896309
Telegram RedFloki - Official 🌐Website:
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2021.12.06 11:12 Jarrelarre Plugy problem with portals

Have played pd2 plugy for all seasons but all of the sudden the portal to canyon in Act 2 does not work. Anyone else have experienced this?
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2021.12.06 11:12 bigboybeeracreamcity Seems like a plan… Hibernation tit jackage

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2021.12.06 11:12 lancaja One X2 battery blank

Does anyone know where I might get a cover just for the battery. I plan on using this as a overpowered dash cam for long motorcycle rides and am a bit concerned about temperatures for recording while powered from the motorcycle and in the sun. Removing the battery eliminates most of that concern, but then there is a issue with waterproofing.
It would be preferable if there was a super-capacitor replacement battery that would allow it to work for a short time without power and not get as hot while charging. That would also make it much more attractive as a dash cam in a car or motorcycle. (Maybe insta360 will send this to their R&D department) I know the Mobius action cam has a super-capacitor that works pretty well.

Hopefully it will not come to it, but if I have to, I will end up buying a used battery and salvaging the carcass.
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2021.12.06 11:12 xiaofu2333 Should I bring anything to Christmas party?

Liebe Leute,
I work part-time at a cafe in Munich. My boss invited us that works there for a small Christmas party. Should I bring anything to the party? What is the custom in Munich?
Vielen Dank!!
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2021.12.06 11:12 carwriter29 Paying over MSRP

I'm a reporter covering the auto industry and I'm working on a story about cars selling for over MSRP due to the inventory shortage. If you've encountered any crazy markups lately, and would be willing to talk with me about it, comment or DM me, please.
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2021.12.06 11:12 Pauchu_ blursed_jesus

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2021.12.06 11:12 zeek1999 I had a dream where the conversation on natalism got so heated to a point where the natalists where posting communist style memes online to promote thier cause

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2021.12.06 11:12 fortniteamogus1 what happened to my.

so bascially short story long i was playing the new chapter or sesaon whatver u wanna call it and basically i wsa about to get the victory royale with my crown and then my game kicks me iout. i makes me jusmp; i was like huh ? then i try go back in and it says my account is disabled. first of all i am not disabled my body is fully fyunctional and i am average and second why is this happening all of a sudden in match and basically i cant sign in so how do i fix. i know this chaptreer has had alot of wired gliths and some weird shenanaigans but please help.
thank you. >3
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2021.12.06 11:12 rustyboi28 Bandsaw troubles

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2021.12.06 11:12 flapjack293 Question Regarding Revenge Porn

I'd like to start by emphasizing that this a hypothetical situation...
Lets say my ex recently sent me a very explicit video with her new boyfriend to try and get back at me. Then lets say I followed up by privately messaging that video to a handful of her family members. Would this still count as revenge porn even though it was not publicly posted or distributed online? If it is considered revenge porn, how harsh would the penalty be for this specific context?
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2021.12.06 11:12 china_white [WTS] Seiko SPB155 “Baby Alpinist”

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2021.12.06 11:12 hussainoid What is YOUR job and how much do you get paid?

I also wanted to know this, but for India. They say it's bad manners to ask a man's wage like asking a woman's age, but here we are.
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2021.12.06 11:12 olddirtysocc so uh,

I was banned from the discord server, and I was banned from the game.
i wanna appeal for both, but like, how..
i understand why i did for both and i can further discuss
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2021.12.06 11:12 WhiteShadow145 Help regarding AC origins specifically

When I play AC ODYSSEY on GeForce now, it works great at graphis settings very high - ultra. But when I play AC Origins on same setup and same internet connection on same laptop , It works on very low graphic settings.
Also every other game also work great on GFN, the problem is only with Origins
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