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2021.12.06 11:47 JitterGrub Advice needed

Hello everyone. First of all I'd like to preface this post by acknowledging that I'm a cis het male and shouldn't be taking space on this sub but I really need some advice. I (29M) have recently started developing some feelings for one of my friends (26F) She's never really been in a real relationship before and has a somewhat troubled past with men, the details I am not aware of. I recently also got out of a long term relationship in the beginning of this year. I don't necessarily know what I am looking for in this part of my life. But I do know that my friend and I get along super well, we like a bunch of the same things, have crazy similar personalities and a crazy similar sense of humour, to the point that we'll oftenale the same jokes at the se time.
That's probably enough context. So I have spokem to one of my other female friends in the group about my crush towards other friend and she advised me to just take it slow and develop a better one on one relationship with her first and find out what her general headspace is etc regarding relationships and what she wants - this was honestly really good advice. And it had been going really well! We had been spending more time with each other alone and been texting more and more so I thought things were going pretty well.
Which brings me to last weekend. I had an extremely rare packed Saturday with social commitments, one of which was the aforementioned crush and another friend's graduation which I was invited to by friend 2. Then we went our separate ways to grab some drinks with friend 2 and then I was invited to a mutual friend's flat party later in the day.
Crush texts me to ask me if I'll be going and I say yes! So we all go to the party and all of us are generally vibing and having a good time. At this point I have been drinking pretty much all day but I'm not overly inebriated or anything. Crush is drinking a bit heavily (this was clearer on restrospection) and we do shots. Then decide to go to a baclub. While a bunch of us are walking to the bar, crush tells me she's hurt her knees and we gotta go slow and asks for help on the stairs etc and of course I oblige. Then she takes my hand and suddenly were holding hands! Like interlocked fingers and what not, and we've been getting touchy feely from then even at the bar. But I'm not trying to give it a lot of thought...
More drinks and at some point crush tried to hand me her flat keys cause she says she's getting pretty drunk. I respond very confused not understanding why she'd want anyone to hold her flat keys, but friend 3 comes from the side and volunteers to take them.
Bar starts to close as it's 3am at this point and we all leave together. Friend 3,.me and crush start walking home and friend 3 says we should walk crush home to make sure she gets home safe. Crush then says friend 3 doesn't need to come because she lives in the opposite direction and I can just walk her home. Friend 3 agrees and we part ways. Some how an hour goes by and we're still wandering around the city (it's only a 20 minute walk) and I can't remember exact details of why were were aimlessly wandering about. But thoughout the walk home, were getting along really well. Cuddling for Warmth etc and I'm still not trying to think about what any of this means.
We suddenly realise crush never took the keys from friend 3 and start getting upset etc because at this point it's like 430am. But we decide to take a cab to friend 3s house to pick up the keys. Keys successfully acquired we still need to get crush home. We decide to cab it back to hers. When we get there she opens her door and I start to say bye but she invites me in and I say sure - wanted some water, needed to pee etc - still not trying to think about implications but honestly I thought at the back of my mind I wondered If this might mean something. At this point it's like 530am
We get in and get some water, and she says I can stay over if I want. I say I'm not sure and kind of ignore the question. Then she climbs in to bed and says she's feeling really cold and I joke that I can think of one way to warm her up and she laughs and says get in the bed.
I do and we instantly start to cuddle. Then things progress a little bit but we both decided we should probably not go all the way. Sparing the details it was a bunch of over the underwear dry humping and making out. Then we fall asleep cuddling.
In the morning we wake up and she's noticeably uneasy. I ask her what's wrong. She says she can't even remember going to the bar last night. So I ask her how much she remembers and she says "nothing up till right now" Now I'm panicking a bit because Im her friend and I'm supposed to be looking out for her specially for these exact situations but here I am not recognising my friend was blackout drunk and giving in to temptations instead of just leaving and going home. Granted I was really drunk as well and there are parts of the night that are fuzzy to me but clearly she was way more drunk than I was.
I explain to her everything that happened and as much as I remember. She gets really upset saying she ruins all of her male friendships in the same way and this is just going to be another one. Then says she's been having a hell of a month and so probably wanted to have some company instead of being alone that night. I assure her that's she's done absolutely nothing wrong and told her I understand and I can be adult about these things and our friendship doesn't have to end. Honestly I do really value our friendship and don't want that to end.
But basically she wants to proceed like we're pretending it never happened. I say I can do that if that's what she wants. But I have to leave because she needs to meet up with her family that are in town for graduation so we can't even spend the day together and figure shit out. So that's kind of where we left it, where I assured her that she did nothing wrong and I feel like a massive asshole for not recognising how drunk she was and am ok with proceeding like nothing happened if that how she wants to operate.
Sorry for the long winded story but I wanted to try and fit in as much context as I could. I am feeling extremely confused and shitty. I feel like I took advantage of my friend and betrayed her trust. And I want to talk to her more about this but I also want to respect her wishes to pretend like it didn't happen. Normally I would talk to friend 2 about this but I can't cause we're all in the same group and crush asked me not to.
So I wanted you ask you guys for advice. I know I massively fucked up and feel like absolute crap. But what do I do? The worst part is, I am currently on a plane going home for a month. So we won't be seeing each other for that whole time. I tried to make an effort yesterday to keep things normal but I really think we need to have another conversation about this now that we're both sober and not deathly hungover.
Thank you for reading and I appreciate any and all advice I can get.
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2021.12.06 11:47 serenesnake Hidden icons flyout bug

Is there any fix to make the hidden icons flyout from the taskbar get rounded edges after restart? I’m on insider beta and still get square edges after every reboot
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2021.12.06 11:47 HugeRaspberry For the 2nd time in recent games...

Zimmer screws up the clock at halftime...
The first time - he got away with it - vs Los Angeles Chargers - he used timeouts to get the ball back and then the offense screwed up - 3 and out - and they got the ball back a 2nd time but weren't able to score.
This time - he was not so lucky. Detroit was driving - he used timeouts to stop the clock and get the ball back with time for the offense - and what happens? They go for it on 4th and 10 and miss badly - and the defense give up another score.
The smart play in BOTH SITUATIONS would have been to kill the clock (actually let the other team use whatever time they wanted) and then either take a couple of deep shots or kill the clock on Offense and keep the ball out of their offense's hands.
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2021.12.06 11:47 Moosy2 why battle passes are always the same ?

i stopped playing for an entire year and the battle pass is still the same with the same weapons lmao

did they talk about it ?
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2021.12.06 11:47 idkdudejustkillme Seriously though why are all charms not just for both roles?? I was so excited to get that lion until I realized it was survivor only

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2021.12.06 11:47 ChristopherCox37 Woman From Tokyo - Deep Purple - Guitar Lesson -Riffs/Chords/Solo

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2021.12.06 11:47 blackbrandt Fred Jr was trying to steal my KOM today so I attempted to intimidate him by following him

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2021.12.06 11:47 IamJonDouglas i made something for my fav ❤️

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2021.12.06 11:47 kumgangmt_best Mt. Paektu is the holy mountain of revolution.

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2021.12.06 11:47 171771 Hm yes, infants can give consent to medical procedures in Canada yes. Honk.

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2021.12.06 11:47 jjoe4708 Efficient material farming.

Either ascension or talent materials both take from a limited 160 resin on hand, so how do you farm your materials and manage resin for both?
Is there any efficient and effective way to farm these materials you would like to share?
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2021.12.06 11:47 rwoooshed $BLNK $SGBX SGB Development Corp. and Blink Charging Co. Enter into a Master Development and Production Agreement For EV Charging Stations at all SGB Development Corp. Properties

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2021.12.06 11:47 messy_doctor Why INFPs known with low self-confidence?

Guys ISFPs are also Fi doms and they are highly self-aware but they don't seem to have lots of insecurities like INFPs. Is it because of Ne? ISFPs have Se which means they are more down to earth and don't easily get lost in their heads, overthinking and making themselves more insecure. Sometimes i think that must be a joke because we don't even have one practical function in the first two place lmao.
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2021.12.06 11:47 sanriver12 Debunking myths about North and south Korea

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2021.12.06 11:47 Xunix- Mega steelix 4621 3077 6505

Only 30 minutes left hurry adding first to join
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2021.12.06 11:47 Squishmallows1127 Got these cuties from Five Bellow yesterday. On the two pj squad tags it shows Kirks bio and not there’s. Only saw one person have this same problem. Is this happening to other people?

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2021.12.06 11:47 Danyalhussain1 Lanzini or Fornals ?

Hi bit of a disclaimer I’m asking this question for fantasy reasons. Do you think fornals will keep his spot despite lanzini decent run of form? He was nailed on before hand but after the last two games I’m not sure. Any help would be appreciated
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2021.12.06 11:47 Danielmp006 This community is truly something out of this world, everyone is too kind.

Big shout out to Superstringy for officially making my wallet to 20 million safemoon.
You can't question the kindness of this community!
Kindness on this post here!
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2021.12.06 11:47 GuardBloon RT @GameDevHQ: Congratulations! You made the list this week of the Best of #madewithunity. #unity3d #gamedev #indiedev @

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2021.12.06 11:47 jlebeann Forever a debate? Punctuation and quotations

I know what the rules are for punctuation and quotations, however, I haven't been able to find a firm firm answer on partially quoting a sentence. Does the punctuation then go inside or outside?
Example Full sentence: The trees are orange and the sky is blue.
Which one is correct: Yesterday, Bob told me, "The trees are orange." Yesterday, Bob told me, "The trees are orange".
People seem to think that because you aren't quoting the whole sentence, the punctuation should be on the outside of the quotes. Please confirm that they are wrong? :)
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2021.12.06 11:47 Teusz2021 How do YOU use the little ball menu?

I see the little ball can do a few things, but so can the other pull-across menu. What are the differences in those menus for you? What’s the best practice here?
I wonder how to make the most use of both expanding menus, since they are customizable but I don’t understand their differences (why not 2 floating balls?) — there must be something I’ m misunderstanding.
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2021.12.06 11:47 Puzzleheaded-Ad-6745 MP had tight surveillance on historia we should have known..

So some ending defenders swear that it was obvious from the get go that the farmer was the father because the military and Niles were reliable informants lol MP and Niles were so reliable they didn't suspect they were being given tinted wine. MP had such a tight surveillance on historia that she got pregnant without their blessing or approval(takes several sessions of fucking to get pregnant and they didn't suspect a thing) MP had such a tight surveillance on historia, yet she's able to meet up with eren without them knowing the better.
Just pointing out that it was reasonable to doubt the information the MP give the readers. Also let's not forget the farmer was pulled out of thin air with flimsy background story. Literally no preamble
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2021.12.06 11:47 spacemanspliff2 At what point is a job not worth the money anymore?

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