"Hear me, X-Men! No longer am I the woman you knew! I am Fire and Life incarnate! Now and forever - I am...”

2021.12.06 10:46 hbicofhbic "Hear me, X-Men! No longer am I the woman you knew! I am Fire and Life incarnate! Now and forever - I am...”

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2021.12.06 10:46 Ajayanuragi I should have answered the call.

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2021.12.06 10:46 wild85bill Science!!!

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2021.12.06 10:46 debuggerfly A very cold morning in Banff (OC) [1333x2000] @ross_schram

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2021.12.06 10:46 squirreltrebuchet21 Charlotte on the Red Carpet

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2021.12.06 10:46 Jimmy_Boi Salary Corrections for Inflation (US)

Has anyone received a salary correction from your company recently to reflect the inflation we are experiencing in the US? If not, are you planning to ask for one?
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2021.12.06 10:46 Pyroski What if New England seceded? | The Election of 1816 Results

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2021.12.06 10:46 muskmalone Need shoe suggestions to dance on wooden floor

Recently started off with shuffle and cutting shapes but all shoes I have feel like they have extra friction and feet getting difficult to slide.
Any suggestions for shoe/sole types to dance on smooth surfaces like wooden flooring ? I want to glide easy and take the feet off quickly.
Any help much appreciated in advance !
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2021.12.06 10:46 ddaniel20 IWFTR

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2021.12.06 10:46 eth_starter Is the master thesis submission deadline strict?

Based on my semester project experience (at D-ITET), one week before the deadline the department will send a deadline notification e-mail to me saying that the deadline is approaching. But actually, I submit my semester project report even later and received my grade around 1 month after the actual deadline.
I am wondering if the master thesis is something similar, i.e., although the deadline seems strict, there is actually room to extend a bit.
I am asking this because I begin to worry if I can finish everything in time. And I am wondering what will happen if I submit the thesis two or three weeks after the deadline.
Does anyone have such experience? Any information is appreciated!
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2021.12.06 10:46 Strigo1234 Dragon Lino print I made recently

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2021.12.06 10:46 LukaTAG Clearing up all the confusion, I can confirm that Tier 30 this season does indeed have a magic coin, it was not removed.

Clearing up all the confusion, I can confirm that Tier 30 this season does indeed have a magic coin, it was not removed. submitted by LukaTAG to ClashRoyale [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 10:46 strip_lippy When to pick Kinessa?

What comps should I avoid picking nessa in? What comps should I pick her in? Is she better in double supp or double tank? How to deal with dive comps and any other tips to play Kinessa in ranked would be appreciated
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2021.12.06 10:46 primeukbot Bomb Cosmetics Let it Snow Handmade Wrapped Bath and Body Gift Pack, Contains 5-Pieces - £8.71 + £4.99 Non Prime Delivery

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2021.12.06 10:46 forzayueve22 My new job is way more pressure than I expected and I’m crumbling. It’s causing my depression symptoms to come roaring back, and my suicidal thoughts are growing increasingly alarming.

I left a really shitty office job in a different state to come to a new city, at an organization that I truly love and adore. With that being said, the job that I’m tasked with is a lot of pressure and it’s really kicking my ass.
My depressive symptoms have really been coming back, including suicidal thoughts. The work stress is fucking things up with my health (eye twitch, heart palpitations).
How do I overcome this?
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2021.12.06 10:46 Top_Boat3835 ايه احسن اماكن بتدى كورسات المانى فى القاهرة غير جوته ؟

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2021.12.06 10:46 Anzi_pixiv PS4 button icons on PC

Hello, I got my PS4 gamepad connected to PC via USB and everything works fine but the in game button icons are from XBOX (A, B... instead of X, Δ, Ο, ▢) any way to fix this? All I'm using is steam, no ds3 or such
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2021.12.06 10:46 ZoolShop The colonial undertones of Omicron travel bans | Coronavirus pandemic

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2021.12.06 10:46 N0rainN0flowers Me and my friend tried this technique of smoking pure hash. Details are in image 2. What are the pro's and con's of this technique? Feedback is appreciated!

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2021.12.06 10:46 andreaalex2001 Last 2 old jewels bugged?

Hi i unlocked the last 2 jewels like days ago but they are stil under repair. Is that normal? To finish the repair he asks me 46 million Credits...
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2021.12.06 10:46 coxykitten923 I finally saw Love Actually, but I need to talk it out

Let me start by saying the only time I like romance chick flick movies are during Christmas. So I thought…perfect let me watch this and cross it off my list… I laughed. I cried(just a pinch) but then I started thinking about all the connections in the movie. There are some loose ends… What happens to Juliet and Mark? Does that never work out?
Karen and Harry? Cause Mia was hot…but like come on…
Maybe, I missed it. But damned if I didn’t fall more in love with Colin Firth ( I mean Mr Darcy right?!).
Anyway…maybe y’all have some insights or further recommendations for lovey Christmas moves.
Last Christmas is next on my list because I LOVE Emilia Clarke.
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2021.12.06 10:46 runner_1005 Mouse - getting buttons 4 & 5 to work properly

Just signed up for GFN 3080 edition and have put a fair bit of time into a decent couch gaming setup for using the Shield. Keychron K2V2 and Roccat Kone Pro Air if it makes any difference, the latter connected using the USB receiver rather than BT.
Buttons 4 and 5 just mirror 1 and 2. 3 seemed to be doing something weird too, although 1 and 2 function as expected. From some searching on here it seems that others have experienced similar.
Is there a fix for this?
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2021.12.06 10:46 Comicfn Not a master

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2021.12.06 10:46 thatsquidguy Everyone who plays is a player

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2021.12.06 10:46 Joepieboy Zekrom on me! 2955 4583 4557

2955 4583 4557
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