Moral of the story i should of said last post: NEVER MAKE SONIC.EXE INTO NORMAL SONIC.

Following Orangsoda’s post on Creepypasta a page was set up for the story on August 16th 2010, the story was then picked up and read aloud on the MrCreepypasta channel in November of 2011. After being shared by Griffin23 and receiving favourable reactions on the /r/wtf subreddit in October of 2012, the story got a dedicated site ...

2022.01.20 16:53 Competitive-Buyer-66 Moral of the story i should of said last post: NEVER MAKE SONIC.EXE INTO NORMAL SONIC.

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2022.01.20 16:53 gibbylewd Razer Kiyo Pro - Can I get a new cable?

The cable for the razer Kiyo pro is a detachable USB type C cable. Theoretically, you could just buy a new Type C cable if you wanted a longer one, right?
1.5 meters is a bit short for my liking. Would it be possible to get a 2m cable for the Kiyo pro from somewhere else???
Anyone else done this?
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2022.01.20 16:53 snakeesas Wheel Swap Question - 452 to 613

My car is a 2014 BMW F10 LCI 520d (Non M Sport) with 18" 452 Turbine Style Wheels. Due to the road conditions here in India, my alloys are badly bent and can't be repaired. I have the option of swapping to the 613 M Alloy Wheels which came as standard fitment on the 530d M Sport LCI. I'm not sure whether there is a difference in suspension components of the non M Sport and the M Sport which could potentially pose a problem later on. Difference in offsets :
Current Wheels (452) Offset - 18x8J ET30
Wheels I'm looking at (613 M)
Offset - 18x8J ET30 (Front)
18x9J ET44 (Rear)

Can I safely do this swap? Any other things I should keep in mind?
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2022.01.20 16:53 ishtarMED Would've fit right in?

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2022.01.20 16:53 Poorzz New Pop Moderne - New + Trending Tunes of the week! Genres: A mix of Pop, House, R&B, Indie, Rap, Alternative, Alternative R&B, + Chill. Enjoy!

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2022.01.20 16:53 annarosesre During my study abroad in Europe I had flawless skin, but in the US I get bad acne.

When I lived in Europe (Spain) my skin cleared up within two weeks of arriving. Literally the clearest my skin had been in years. And it stayed like that the entire time I was there (5 months). I didn’t change anything in terms of routine- washed in morning and night with the same cleanser, used same moisturizers, etc. It seemed effortless! But within a month of moving back my battles with acne started again, and it’s been like that since. Has anyone else has this experience? Any ideas why this might be?
I have two hypotheses: 1. Food. In the US i eat extremely healthy: limit sugar, balanced diet, no junk food, and mostly organic. In Spain I ate whatever my host family ate, which was mostly meat and stews and other Spanish food. Lots of sugar etc. What I would have considered a bad diet. But in the US we just have so much junk in our food, even healthy food— maybe that is the culprit?

  1. Water: the water in Spain seemed to smell a bit like chlorine. Maybe showering in harder water kept my skin clear?
Looking for any ideas on how I can get back to having that effortlessly clear skin again!
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2022.01.20 16:53 Sal4Sale 10 weeks until bottom surgery, which means only 10 more weeks of wrapping a sweater around my waist to wear leggings 😌

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2022.01.20 16:53 Due-Percentage69 Old but happened today.. sed lyf

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2022.01.20 16:53 KingDiamond2000 Adams will convert paycheck to cryptocurrencies

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2022.01.20 16:53 SnickerDoodleKing The Man With No Eyes

I married my wife Anne about three months ago. The other night we were sitting at our table having some wine after dinner. We were just doing our usual joking around and being playful before we started getting into some deep talks.
She asked me “What was the worst job you’ve ever had? Just the most annoying place you’ve ever worked for.”
And normally I’d just give some bullshit answer about how I used to work a job in retail or the food industry. But I was in a bit of a talkative mood so I gave the real answer.
When I was 16 I used to babysit this eight year old girl that lived on my street, Samantha. Her parents knew my parents and so it was a pretty chill gig. Sam’s parents would go out to dinner or a movie or something and I’d just feed her some Mac n cheese then tuck her in. I made like 50 bucks a night which was a lot of cash as a teenager.
I did the job several times a week for about six months. But there was a good stretch of time during the final month I babysat where things started to get weird. At first I thought it was just Sam’s imagination running wild, as children's minds do. But I quickly realized, she was never lying. She was always 100% honest.
It started with something simple. I got her ready for bed and she came downstairs saying that there was something in her closet. So I took her back up the stairs and showed her nothing was there. But she kept insisting something was there.
After a couple nights of her saying something was in her closet, whatever this thing was started moving around. She started saying it was under her bed, then in the hallway, until he finally settled on being on her ceiling.
And that’s where he stayed. She always complained something was on her ceiling and I’d have to read her a little bedtime story to help her go to bed. But then even weirder things started happening. She would say stuff moved on it’s own and her door would open and close by itself. But the thing always stayed on the ceiling.
So finally my curiosity got the best of me and I asked her, “Sam, what does this thing look like?” And when I asked I saw her take the question really seriously. I should’ve known then that she wasn’t lying. “He’s tall, with no hair, and…and…” She was really struggling with this final detail. “It’s okay Sam, you can tell me.” She swallowed before saying, “He has no eyes.”
Even then it scared me. And even though I had a perfect description of him, it couldn’t prepare me for when I finally saw him. This entity started making it so Sam couldn’t fall asleep. So she would become sleep deprived and start hallucinating. She would start screaming randomly and she’d have to hide in my arms until her parents got home.
I tried warning her parents but they just kept chalking it up to kids being kids. It got worse and worse with each passing night. Then one night I was with Sam, trying to calm her down while she cried. But then I started to doze off and so did she. After I was asleep for a while I opened my eyes but I couldn’t move. I tried yelling for help but my mouth wouldn’t move either. Then I noticed him.
Out of the right corner of my eye, I saw a tall gangly man. He had no hair on his body and just like Sam had said, he had no eyes. Not even holes or conclaves where his eyes would be. Just a flat surface from his forehead to his nose. His skin was pale but there were these markings all over him. Some markings were black, others were red and looked as if they were bleeding. I tried screaming but it was pointless.
He approached me and stroked my cheek with his finger. Even without his eyes I could tell he was studying me. He ran his fingers through my hair, rubbed my ear lobes, and grabbed my face, yanking it left and right to get a better look at me. He leaned in closer to me and I heard him sniff. He started licking his lips as he continued sniffing near my neck. He opened his mouth and let out one big sigh. I started shivering, the room became ice cold. I tried moving my arms to warm myself up, but I still sat there unable to move.
Tears began to roll down my face. I couldn’t respond, I couldn’t fight him, but worst of all I couldn’t help Sam. The man reached down and grabbed her face with his hand and right before my eyes I saw the color leave her body. Tears were now flowing. He held her mouth shut and looked up at me. I saw one of the red markings on his hand stop bleeding and turn black like the others. Then before I knew it he was gone. And I was left holding Sam’s corpse.
The cops came and her parents were in agony for several years. Her father never stopped blaming me for it. I tried telling the cops what I saw but they didn’t believe me. Her autopsy report just showed that her heart had failed. A kid gone too soon to “natural causes”, they called it. I’ll never forget how scared she was, how I wish I could’ve done more to help her.
My wife was in tears the whole story. “I’m so sorry, Elliot. You did what you could.” She stroked my cheek. So yeah, that’s the worst job I’ve ever had. Just would be curious to hear some of your guys’ worst job experiences. I’ll be up late reading comments, I’ve been having trouble sleeping. And as I sit here finishing this post, I swear I keep hearing something in my closet
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2022.01.20 16:53 assfatq Your All-in-one Off-grid Power Solution | Solar Generators

BLUETTI is going all-out for 2022, with announcements that span across sodium battery power stations, solar panels and all-in-one home power solutions. While most consumers may be watching for news about the BLUETTI APEX in 2022, the brand's range of products is expanding with smarter power solutions throughout the home.
In today's announcements as part of CES 2022, BLUETTI shared some of the details of the new 2021 TV lineup
The next generation of energy storage: sodium-ion battery

BLUETTI has announced the world’s first sodium-ion solar generator-NA300 and its compatible battery pack - B480 on CES 2022.
The NA300 and B480 seamlessly inherit all the style and appearance settings of its predecessor – EP500 Pro, especially four 20A plugs and one 30A L14-30 output ports driven by the built-in 3,000W pure sine wave inverter to juice up most household electrical appliances. Besides, the NA300 further outstrips the EP500 Pro’s incredible 2,400W solar input to 3,000W. It may be cited to be the fastest charging solar generator since it can be recharged from 0% to 80% in a short half-hour by 6,000W swift AC + PV dual charging. (3,000W Max. for both AC and PV)
However, NA300 provides a capacity of 3,000Wh, less than the 5,100Wh of EP500 Pro in the same size owing to the current sodium-ion battery technology limitations. Favorably, it supports up to two B480 battery modules (4,800Wh each) for a whopping total capacity of 12,600Wh, and the unit can sustain the constant supply for a family electricity needs for several days or even a week in grid failures or natural disasters with recharging by the solar panels. Additionally, NA300 also offers the 240V, 6000W connection with a Fusion Box and another NA300, IoT App Remote Control by iOS or Android, and other EP500 Pro’s merits.
The first-generation sodium-ion battery rivals the LiFePO4 battery cells widely used in other BLUETTI products in security and long cycle life except for the low energy density; yet the former excels in terms of cost, low-temperature performance, quick-charging, and other electrochemical aspects because of its chemical characteristics. BLUETTI’s sodium-ion battery can charge in less than 30 minutes to 80% SOC at room temperature. Besides, in a low-temperature environment of -20°C (-4℉), this sodium-ion battery pack in NA300 and B480 has a capacity retention rate of more than 85% and provides a system integration efficiency of over 80%, which is perfect for powering in winter or in regions with extremely low temperatures.

The long-waited APEX Finally Arrives: BLUETTI AC500
After 2 years of development and products iteration, the BLUETTI AC series now goes 5kW in 2022: meet the mighty BLUETTI AC500 (aka. The APEX). As the name suggests, the BLUETTI AC500 features a groundbreaking 5,000-watt pure sine wave inverter, which is the most powerful inverter that BLUETTI has ever shipped, and might well be the most powerful inverter in today’s market. The APEX also inherited the design language from its predecessor AC300, and just like the AC300, AC500 is a 100% modular solar battery system, works with its own battery module B301 (3072Wh LFP per pack) and also backwards compatible with the B300 battery module that BLUETTI shipped with the AC300 in 2020.
BLUETTI AC500 can work with up to 6×B301 (3,072Wh LFP per pack) battery modules per unit, adding up to a total of groundbreaking 18,432Wh. Power your whole families basic needs for DAYS during emergencies or power outages.
Turbo Charge: With AC and PV(solar) simultaneous charging, the total input can achieve up to 8000W. That is to say, one hour charging can power up an air conditioner for 5-8 hours, or an clothing dryer for 1-2 hours.
5000W AC Charging: Quickly charging to full, s steady backup power in case of any kinds of emergencies.
3000W PV(solar) Charging: Sustainable energy which is clean and friendly to the environment. One hour of PV charging can power up an electric saw for 2-4 hours or a professional computer for 4-6 hours.
5000W pure sine wave inverter for clean&safe power output, two AC500’s can be paired for a 240V, 10000W output power system (Split-phase bonding, home circuit integration by BLUETTI Smart Home Panel)

The Tiny Yet Mighty Assassin: BLUETTI EB3A
Before long they released the last compact model EB55, BLUETTI has brought another even smaller unit to their CES booth: the EB3A
Unlike the previous BLUETTI naming rules, the name EB3A is quite stand out among all BLUETTI product lineups, and BLUETTI staffs told us that the “A” stands for “advanced”, with a 600W pure sine wave inverter and 268Wh of LiFePO4 battery pack under the hood, and also support up to 200 watts of solar input, the EB3A is gonna be a quite big catfish for the entry-level power station market. (vs. Jackery 240, Ecoflow River Mini)
Unlike any other compact units of BLUETTI, the EB3A is the first model in the sub-3000Wh range that doesn’t need a bulky power brick to charge.
One single cable will charge the EB3A at a relatively stunning rate of 600W, 0 to 80% charged in only 20minutes!

With a decent price tag, the EB3A is gonna start a revolution among the ultra portable power stations.
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2022.01.20 16:53 Sarko_Rauko Amy's enchiladas with canned black beans and nutritional yeast. Maybe not shitty but definitely a lazy lunch.

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2022.01.20 16:53 DynamoPro What are some low-cost projects unlike BAYC that offer full commercial use like BAYC?

I'm interested in the idea of creating a character out of a NFT for use accross Twitter and other social media. Anyone know of a good character project with an inexpensive price and full commercial rights? Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.20 16:53 lionstears0804 Account Hacked Funds Stolen - No Response from Uphold

I've contacted a lawyer.
Cases of 'failure to protect' need to be prosecuted especially in Upholds case of repetitive criminal activity and done nothing to protect their investors.
I'm also asking for an SEC investigation and oversight of uphold's unfair and unresponsive practices.
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2022.01.20 16:53 Patient_Ad6008 The Matrix (3/9) Movie CLIP - Waking from the Dream (1999) HD

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2022.01.20 16:53 atlanticjoe Is there any good bike jumps in Watertown?

I know about the one next to the Colonial laundromat.
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2022.01.20 16:53 minecraftsoverrated Does anyone know good pixie frog breeders?

I'm getting a pixie frog soon and Im looking for a guaranteed baby-juvenile male pixie frog and I have been on multiple websites and cant seem to find a reliable website that sells guaranteed male pixie frogs. Just wondering if anyone knows any I'm thinking of buying from joshes frogs or snakesatsunset.
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2022.01.20 16:53 ProfessorCynical1 This Is What The Back Of The Station Core Looks Like - No Man’s Sky

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2022.01.20 16:53 MilkDrinker69420 This doesn't add up i got 50+ hours on my save 🤨

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2022.01.20 16:53 OrganizationFit9518 POV: your playing with your favorite streamer you admire having a good time but then all of a sudden. And now their your second favorite streamer

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2022.01.20 16:53 willphule Akash & Chia : Decentralized plotting - Q&A replay link

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2022.01.20 16:53 crytoloover مقارنة سعر، اذا اصبح Market cap الخاص بعملة #metapets، مثل #shibainu. بدون احتساب حرق

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2022.01.20 16:53 Worried-Loan-411 فتوشاپه؟ برسه به دسته آریا

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2022.01.20 16:53 No-Introduction-2672 Entre menos pensemos mejor

Entre menos pensemos mejor
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2022.01.20 16:53 Primus81 Supermarkets should be replacing the plastic fruit & vege bags people lick fingers to open

It's just not hygenic enough in a pandemic, and I know not everyone licks to open, but it's a habit for a lot. Those thin plastic bags are a pain to open!
I went into a New World the other day and saw they are using all paper bags! PaknSave and Countdown can too, surely.
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