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On the anniversary of President Biden's inauguration, we're re-airing his inaugural address…

2022.01.20 17:10 Phatbrew On the anniversary of President Biden's inauguration, we're re-airing his inaugural address…

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2022.01.20 17:10 revmachine21 Midday progress notification reminders not a formal option - a work around for iPhone

so i've really wanted a daily reminder to check into the app to see how steps / points are coming along. i haven't found a way to configure "check me" reminders in the app's notification settings.
had a flash the other day of a possible work around that seems solid to me. a while apple bought an app called "Shortcuts" and bundled it with later IOS versions. Shortcuts can be configured to create scheduled events. in the Shortcuts Automation section, i tapped "Create Personal Automation", then "Time of Day", picked the time (for me noon), then "Open App", then the light blue box "App" next to "Open", picked Amazon Halo from the list of apps on my phone, then "Done".
So far this set up has been reliably tossing up notification reminders. the reminders don't look like they are coming from Halo, rather they look like Shortcut notifications, but still launch the Halo app.
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2022.01.20 17:10 AWtech18 Illinois Bill Aims To Curb Apple & Google’s App Commissions

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2022.01.20 17:10 MyWorldTalkRadio Considering the state of all things. What do you think would have happened if LeBron had never left Miami?

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2022.01.20 17:10 Big-Smokey41 Is this a good build for 3d animation short movie

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2022.01.20 17:10 ShortAlgo $CLS Awaiting for Buy signal with https://t.co/XPt98Ai7Qt https://t.co/grtsgcLadB

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2022.01.20 17:10 Totodankengine420 Rate my rolls

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2022.01.20 17:10 Starkiller713 Gunsmith 1 problems

Hello All,
Trying to do gunsmith 1, I followed the shopping list on the Tarkov wiki but I can't turn the gun into Mechanic and I have no clue why.
I have a MP-133 12ga pump shotgun, 51 ergo, 842 recoil total, 6 round cylinder, 133 pistol grip, gk02, rk9 forgrip, tbl laser, mp133 plastic forstock with rails.
Am I missing somthing? Any clue why its not valid for the quest?
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2022.01.20 17:10 lokasanto Matinbum när han spelar ett spel

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2022.01.20 17:10 ShortAlgo $BZUN Awaiting Short signal with https://t.co/XPt98Ai7Qt https://t.co/yCSlgWDZst

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2022.01.20 17:10 Dizzy-Fox890 I’m convinced this is Mac

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2022.01.20 17:10 tonyantonio Linburg environmental section (Civil)

Is it just me or is this way too advanced? I took a class in environmental processes and the number of conceptual questions I don't know is substantial and the word problems are quite out of the box, I don't feel like I have the environmental knowledge to tackle them, is there a better resource for these kinds of problems? I have already watched the Gregory Michaelson video on environmental and it seems much less intense than this, I am not sure if I am on the wrong track
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2022.01.20 17:10 Amythebest922 Got timekeeper from the rift in time event

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2022.01.20 17:10 bunprinceshitposting Bringing up my Volume Mixer causes my discord to mute EVERYTHING. Help?

For some reason whenever I'm using discord, if I bring up my volume mixer it'll cause everyone else to be muted as well as myself, and I always have to leave and reenter to make it work. Recently I learned that this Volume mixer issues is doing this in more than just discord (cant remember where it had done this though ngl) but it's mainly a discord issue for me. Any help? Does anyone else get this problem?
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2022.01.20 17:10 Daddillac [PC][NA] Non Toxic Community. See Image For Details. DM For Link.

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2022.01.20 17:10 mrslII Fake Outrage Regarding Ablism

I have been disabled since birth.A ll of the fake "Ablism Warriors" who are losing their shit over Alina posts are something else.
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2022.01.20 17:10 the_buddhaverse Today, the US Federal Reserve released its highly anticipated CBDC discussion paper

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2022.01.20 17:10 ryanxcore [WTS] THE ULTIMATE OLD SCHOOL STARTER PACK… 10 bottles.. some vintage, some newer, all classics. (Bottle)(decant)

This is lot of 10 old-school classics. By classic I mean completely timeless, NOT dated, and still totally relevant today. I love and wear all of these, but I’m going through a large downsizing phase at the moment, so hopefully these go to a good home.
Includes the following:

Asking $140 SHIPPED for the whole lot. Keeping in mind that shipping alone will be a bit pricey, when you break that down per bottle, I think it’s a pretty great deal.

I’m decluttering currently and listing a few more things, please have a look at my other posts for more, willing to combine shipping and very willing make multi-item deals.
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2022.01.20 17:10 fishnweed somehow it’s my first time trying blue dream. just got this cart last night and I am loving it :3 issa good day

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2022.01.20 17:10 BerndVonLauert Another Win11 Link Workaround (no server console window)

I was messing with the Windows 11 issue and found a solution that won't require having the server console window open the whole time.


After that, every Oculus native game (Oculus Windows Store, some games on Steam) should already work just fine. With one downside: You'll hear the audio on your headset and pc speakers. Well, turn em down or revert and use the server console workaround.
SteamVR and OpenXR Games:
You'll notice that some games won't have any audio at all in your headset. SteamVR will most likely set your Windows default audio output device back to Oculus. To prevent that make the following changes:
Start SteamVR and open the Settings and navigate to the Audio tab. Here make the changes as shown in the picture above. This will do two things: First SteamVR won't change your default audio device anymore to Oculus and second it will also mirror the Audio to your Quest. See: https://imgur.com/Cmutt7o
Still no audio in headset?
Now, if your games still won't mirror the audio to your headset, force it to, but DO NOT chance your default audio device to Oculus! Keep it on your speakers/monitowhatever.
Open the Windows Volume Mixer, find your running OpenXSteamVR Application and set the Output device here to Oculus Virtual Audio Device here! (The game must be running, or it won't show up!) As seen here: https://imgur.com/BqXrEWB
This needs to be done for every single game, but at least only once.
Important: Do NOT set your default audio device to Oculus Virtual Audio Device! If you do this, you end up with the typical compositor frame drops!
After messing with these audio settings, having the ovrserver console enabled wasn't needed anymore.
TL:DR: Make sure Oculus is not your default windows audio device and make sure you have audio mirroring enabled on Oculus and SteamVR.
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2022.01.20 17:10 bread_fucker_69 Looking for a glock

Hi im new to airsoft and i want to modify a cheap, used glock(any model) looking between 60-70 pounds if anyone knows where i can get this or can sell me one dm me or comment thx.
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2022.01.20 17:10 python159 Starfinder 1st timer looking for a game

Hello there, 5e veteran here looking to try something trading fireballs and lightning bolts for missile launchers and plasma rifles.
I'm looking for a game to replace a deathwatch campaign that never quite got off the ground with something that is still very much sci-fi but a bit less dogmatic on the lore side of thing.
I'm avaliable Saturdays 10am to 6pm GMT. I know it's a somwhat tight timeframe but between a 9-5 job, DnD on Sundays its the best I can manage. Upside if it's in that timeframe I can manage just about any level of notice as gernerally do fuck all on Saturdays, if it's a case of you just learned you can play 5 minutes ago I can be ready to roll in 5 another (A good chunk of the reason i'm looking for a game to play).
As for any particular style i'm looking for i'm open to most things. My ideal campaign would be space piracy with very loose views on morality but i'll take just about anything that lets the characters wipe their arse with galactic law and flip the middle finger to common decency. To be blunt, i'd like to have fun with a bunch of people tearing the galaxy a new one and wanting to save it for the reason of "Because we're some of the idiots who live in it and further more, nobody breaks our stuff but us".
I have most of the rulebooks and some ideas for a character already, though I would greatly appriciate help with character creation. Additionaly I am up for whatever platform that allows voice chat (including table top simulator), RPGs just aren't the same unless I can actually talk to people.
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2022.01.20 17:10 Wide-Equivalent701 Concerning Proofs of the Divine Unity

Concerning Proofs of the Divine Unity THE FIRST TRUTH: Absolute Divinity The absorption of each class of men in a mode of worship dictated by their innate dispositions; the species of worship engaged in by other animate beings, as well as inanimate beings, through the performance of their essential functions; the way in which all material and immaterial bounties and gifts in the cosmos become means inciting men to worship and thanks, to praise and gratitude; the fashion in which all the manifestations of the Unseen and epiphanies of the spirit, revelation and inspiration, unanimously proclaim the exclusive fitness of one God to receive worship — all of this, in most evidential fashion, proves the reality and dominance of a single and absolute Divinity. If the truth of such a Divinty exists, it can in no way accept partnership. For those who respond to Divinity —that is, the fitness to be worshipped— with thanks and worship, are the conscious and animate fruits on the highest branches of the tree of the cosmos. If others were able to gratify and place under their obligation those conscious beings in such fashion as to make them turn away from and forget their true object of worship —Who may, indeed, be swiftly forgotten, because of his invisibility— this would be in such utter contradiction to the essence of Divinty and its sacred purposes that it could in no way be allowed. It is for this reason that the Qur’an so repeatedly and with such vehemence refutes polytheism and threatens the polytheists with Hell-fire. THE SECOND TRUTH: Absolute Dominicality The ubiquitous workings of a wise and compassionate hidden hand throughout the cosmos, especially in animate beings and their nurturing and development, everywhere in the same fashion and yet in a totally unexpected form, must be, without doubt, the emanation and light of an absolute dominicality and a decisive proof of its reality. An absolute dominicality cannot accept any partnership for since the important aims and purposes of dominicality, such as the manifestation of its beauty, the proclamation of its perfection, the revelation of its precious arts and the display of its hidden accomplishments, are combined and concentrated in particulars and animate beings, the slightest attribution to God of a partner, when entering even the most particular of things and the smallest of animate beings, will frustrate the attainment of those purposes and destroy those aims. Averting the faces of conscious beings from those purposes and the One Who conceived them toward causes will be totally opposed and hostile to the essence of dominicality, and absolute dominicality cannot in any way countenance it. The abundant proclamations in the Qur’an of God’s sanctity and transcendence, its verses and words, even its letters and their shapes, are constant guides to God’s unity, made necessary by the mystery we have just expounded.
THE THIRD TRUTH: Perfections The self-evident testimony to the existence of the truth of perfections given by all the exalted instances of wisdom in the universe, all its wondrous beauties, its just laws, its wise purposes, and in particular its testimony to the perfections of the Creator, Who brought forth the cosmos out of the void and then administered it in every way miraculously and beauteously, as well as the perfections of man, who is the conscious mirror of the Creator — such testimony is extremely clear. There exists then the truth of perfections, and the certainty that the Creator Who fashioned the cosmos in perfection must Himself possess perfection. Further, the perfections of man, the most important fruit of the universe, vicegerent of the earth, the beloved and most valued object of His creation — these are also established as true. Therefore, to assign partners to God would be unacceptable and false, for it would condemn to destruction and perdition all of the perfect and wise beings we behold with our eyes; it would turn the cosmos into a vain plaything of accident, a place of amusement for nature, a cruel slaughterhouse for the animate, an awesome house of sorrows for the conscious; it would reduce man, whose perfections are visible in his works, to the level of the most wretched, distraught and vile animal; and it would draw a veil across the infinite perfections of the Creator that are reflected in the mirror of all beings, thus nullifying the result of His activity and denying His creativity. Since assigning partners to God contradicts Divine, human and cosmic perfections and its denial of them has been established and explained in the First Station of the Second Ray (devoted to three ‘Fruits’ of Divine unity) with strong and decisive proofs, we refer our readers that work and cut short the discussion here. THE FOURTH TRUTH: Sovereignty Whoever looks at the cosmos with comprehensive attention, will see it to resemble a most prosperous and active kingdom, a city administered most wisely and ruled most firmly; he sees all things and all species obediently engaged in a particular function. According to the military metaphor contained in the verse, God’s are the armies of the heavens and earth,29 the prevailing creative commands, imperious orders, and kingly laws enunciated in those numerous armies, that extend from the hosts of the atom, the battalions of the vegetable kingdom, the brigades of the animal kingdom, to the armies of the stars, and embrace both the lowliest soldier and the loftiest commander — they all indicate selfevidently the existence of an absolute sovereignty and a universal authority. There is then a truth of absolute sovereignty, and there can be no truth of assigning partners to God. For according to the decisive truth of the verse, Were there to be in the heavens and earth gods other than God, verily they would be corrupted,30 if numerous hands all engage assertively in the same task, the result will be confusion. If there are two kings in one country, or even two headmen in one district, order will disappear, and administration be replaced by anarchy. But on the contrary we see everywhere such order, from the wing of the fly to the lamps of the heavens, from the cells of the body to the signs of the planets, that there is no possibility for the intervention of any partner in God’s affairs. Sovereignty is, moreover, a station of dignity; to accept a rival would flout the dignity of sovereignty. The fact that man, who needs the assistance of many people on account of his impotence, will kill his brothers and offspring in the cruellest fashion for the sake of some petty, apparent and temporary sovereignty, shows that sovereignty rejects all notion of partnership. If so feeble a one acts thus for the sake of so petty a sovereignty, it follows that the Possessor of Absolute Power, the Master of All Creation, will never permit one other than Himself to participate in His sacred sovereignty, the means to His real and universal dominicality and Divinity. Since this truth has been established with firm proofs in numerous places throughout the Risale-i Nur and especially the Second Station of the Second Ray, we refer the reader to those pages for further discussion of it. Through witnessing these four truths, our traveller came to know Divine unity with the degree of certain and clear witnessing. His faith shone, and with all his power he said, “There is no god but God, He is One, He has no partner.” In brief allusion to the lesson he derived from this station, we said in the Second Chapter of the First Station: There is no god but God, the One, the Unique, to Whose Unity and the Necessity of Whose Existence point the witnessing of the sublimity of the truth of the manifestation of absolute Divinity, as well as the witnessing of the sublimity of the comprehensiveness of the truth of the manifestation of absolute dominicality that requires Unity, the witnessing of the sublimity of the comprehensiveness of the truth of the perfections that arise from unity, and the witnessing of the sublimity of the comprehensiveness of the truth of absolute sovereignty, that prevents and contradicts the existence of any partnership. Then that restless traveller addressed his heart and said: “The fact that the people of faith, and particularly those affiliated with a sufi order, are constantly repeating the words, ‘no god but He,’ and recalling and proclaiming God’s unity, is an indication that the affirmation of God’s unity comprises many degrees. Such affirmation is moreover a most enjoyable, most valuable, and most exalted sacred duty, instinctive function, and act of worship. Let us then in order to attain a further degree, open the door of another stopping-place in this abode of instruction. For the true affirmation of God’s unity we seek is not some imaginary species of knowledge. It is rather an affirmation that in terms of logic is deemed the opposite of imagination, that is far more valuable than cognition based on imagination, that is the result of proof, that is designated a knowledge.” The true affirmation of God’s unity is a judgement, a confirmation, an assent and acceptance that can find its Sustainer present with all things, that sees in all things a path leading to its Creator, and does not regard anything as an obstacle to His presence. For otherwise it would always be necessary to tear and cast aside the veil of the cosmos in order to find its Sustainer. “Onward, then,” said the traveller to himself, as he knocked at the door of God’s Sublimity and Grandeur. He entered the Stopping- Place of God’s deeds and workings, the world of creation and origination, and there he saw that five comprehensive truths were prevailing over the entire cosmos, and offering self-evident proof of the Divine unity. THE FIRST TRUTH: that of Grandeur and Sublimity. Since this truth is explained with different proofs in the Second Station of the Second Ray and various other places in the Risale-i Nur, we restrict ourselves here to the following: The Being that creates and then administers at a single time and in a single fashion the stars that are thousands of years distant from each other; that creates at a single time and in a single form the countless members of the same species of flower, distributed over the east and the west, the north and south of the globe; that administers, nurtures, quickens, distinguishes and adorns more than two hundred thousand different types of plant and species of animal in five or six weeks, with the utmost regularity and equilibrium, without any confusion, defect or error, in order to provide every spring on the face of the earth more than a hundred thousand specimens of the supreme resurrection, and thus prove before man’s eyes a remarkable event, now belonging to the past and the realm of the Unseen, namely the creation of the heavens and the earth in six days, as indicated in the verse, He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six days;31 the Being that causes the earth to revolve, as evidenced in the verse, He merges night with day, and day with night,32 and turns the night into the page on which the events of the day are written — this same Being knows and administers according to His own will, all at the same time, the most secret and obscure thoughts that occur to men’s hearts. Since each of the aforementioned acts is in reality one act, it follows that their Glorious Doer is a Unique and Powerful Being, enjoying such grandeur and sublimity that nowhere, in nothing, in no way, does it leave the slightest possibility for the acceptance of partnership; on the contrary, it uproots all such possibility. Since such sublime power and grandeur exist and since that grandeur is at the very apex of perfection and comprehends everything, it is certainly in no way possible to permit or allow any attribution of partners to that Unique and Powerful Being, for so doing would ascribe impotence or need to that power, fault to that grandeur, defect to that perfection, and impose restriction on that comprehensiveness. No sound intellect could deem this possible. The assignment of partners to God, is then by virtue of the offence it causes to God’s Grandeur, the dignity of his Glory and His Sublimity, so grave a crime that the Qur’an of Miraculous Exposition decrees with an earnest threat, God does not pardon the assignment to Him of a partner; He pardons whatever is lesser than that. THE SECOND TRUTH: The absoluteness, the comprehensiveness, and appearance in infinite form of the dominical deeds seen at work in the cosmos. It is only God’s wisdom and will that limits and restricts those deeds, as well as the inherent capacities of the objects and places in which they manifest themselves. Stray chance, dumb nature, blind force, unconscious causality and the elements that without restriction are scattered in every direction — none of these can have any part in the most balanced, wise perspicacious, life-giving, orderly and firm deeds of the Creator. They are used, rather, by the command, will, and power of the Glorious Doer as an apparent veil to conceal His power. Three out of innumerable examples: We will set forth three from among the numerous subtle points that relate to the three deeds indicated in three continuous verses in Sura al-Nahl. The First: Your Sustainer inspired in the bee that it should seek a dwelling-place in the mountains. The bee is, with respect to its disposition and function, such a miracle of God’s power that a whole sura, Sura al-Nahl, has been named after it. For to inscribe in the minute head of that little honey-machine a complete programme for the fulfilment of its important task; to place in its diminutive stomach the most delicious of foods and to ripen it there; to place in its sting poison capable of destroying and killing animate beings, without causing any harm to its own body or the member in question — to do all this without the utmost care and knowledge, with exceeding wisdom and purposiveness, partakes of a perfect orderliness and equilibrium, and hence unconscious, disorderly, disequilibriated nature and accident could never interfere or participate in any of this. The appearance and comprehensiveness of this Divine craft, this dominical deed, which is miraculous in three separate respects, in the countless bees that are found scattered over the earth, with the same wisdom, the same care, the same symmetry, at the same time and in the same fashion — this is a self-evident proof of God’s unity. The Second Verse: There is for you a lesson in cattle. From what is within their bodies, between excretions and blood, we produce for your drink, milk, pure and agreeable to those who drink it. This verse is a decree overflowing with useful instruction. To place in the nipples of cows, camels, goats and sheep, as well as human mothers, in the midst of blood and excrement but without being polluted by them, a substance the exact opposite, pure, clean, pleasant, nutritive and white milk, and to inspire in their hearts tenderness toward their young that is still more pleasant, sweeter and more valuable than milk — this requires such a degree of mercy, wisdom, knowledge, power, will and care that it cannot in any way be the work of turbulent chance, of the tangled elements, or of blind forces. The manifestation, workings and comprehensiveness of so miraculous a dominical art and so wise a Divine deed, all over the face of the globe and in the countless hearts and breasts of innumerable mothers of hundreds of thousands of species, in the same instant, the same fashion, with the same wisdom and the same care — this too constitutes a self-evident proof of God’s unity. The Third Verse: From the fruits of the date-palm and the vine you take sugar and fine nourishment; verily therein is a sign for a people possessing intelligence.This verse invites our attention to the date and to grapes, saying, “For those of intelligence, there is great proof, argument and evidence of the Divine unity in these two fruits. These two fruits yield nurture and sustenance, fresh and dry fruit, and give rise to most delicious forms of food; yet the trees that bear them stand in waterless sand and dry soil, and are thus miracles of power and wonders of wisdom. They are each of them like a factory producing sweet sugar, a machine manufacturing honeylike syrup, a work of art created with perfect order and sensitive balance, wisdom and care; hence anyone with a grain of intelligence will say on contemplating them, ‘The one who made them in this fashion may very well be the Creator of the whole cosmos.’” For in front of our eyes each vine branch the thickness of a finger will hold twenty bunches of grapes, and each bunch will in turn contain hundreds of sugary grapes, each like a litle pump emitting syrup. To clothe the surface of each grape with a fine, delicate, thin, and colourful protection; to place in its delicate and soft heart seeds with their hard shells, which are like its retentive faculty, programme, and the story of its life; to manufacture in its stomach a sweetmeat like the helva of Paradise, a honey like the water of Kawthar; to create an infinite number of such grapes over the face of the entire earth, with the same care and wisdom and wonderful art, and at the same time and in the same fashion — this proves in self-evident fashion that the one who fulfils these tasks is the Creator of the whole cosmos, and this deed, requiring as it does infinite power and limitless wisdom, can be only His deed. Yes, blind and stray, disorderly and unconscious, aimless, aggressive, and anarchic forces, nature and causality, cannot have anything to do with this most sensitive balance, this most skilful art, this most wise scheme. They cannot even stretch out their hands toward it. It falls to them only to be employed through the dominical command as passive objects, as curtainholders. Just like the three points proving Divine unity contained in the three truths indicated in the three verses, the countless manifestations and workings of infinite dominical deeds attest unanimously the unity of a Single One of Unity, the All- Glorious One. THE THIRD TRUTH: The creation of beings, particularly plants and animals, with absolute speed and absolute orderliness; with absolute ease and extreme skill, talent, ability, and order; with great value and distinction, despite extreme abundance and intermingling. Yes, to produce with extreme swiftness and in extreme abundance, most skilfully and artistically, with great ease and facility combined with the utmost care and orderliness, with great value and distinction despite abundance and intermingling, without any form of confusion or deficiency — this can be achieved only by a Unique Being Whose power is such that nothing appears difficult to it. For that power it is as easy to create stars as atoms, the greatest as the smallest, a whole species as a single member of a species, a sublime and comprehensive universal as a restricted and petty particular; it is as easy for Him to revivify and quicken the whole earth as to do the same with a tree or to erect a tree as tall as a mountain as it is to produce a seed no bigger than a fingernail. All of these deeds He performs in front of our eyes. So the exposition, the solution, the uncovering and proof of the mystery of this degree of the assertion of the Divine unity, this Third Truth, this word of unity — the mystery that the greatest universal is like the smallest particular without the slightest difference between them —this beneficial wisdom, this supreme talisman, this riddle beyond the reach of the intellect, this most significant foundation of Islam, this most profound source of faith, this greatest basis of the Divine unity— the setting forth of all this opens the talisman of the Qur’an, and makes it possible to know the most secret and unknowable riddle of the creation of all beings, a riddle that reduces philosophy to impotence. Thanks and praise one hundred thousand times the letters of the Risale-i Nur be to the Compassionate Creator that the Risale-i Nur has solved, uncovered and established this wondrous talisman, this wondrous riddle. It has been proven with decisive arguments, to the same degree of certainty that twice two is four, particularly in the discussion of “He is powerful over all things” toward the end of the Twentieth Letter; in the section concerning God’s being an all-powerful agent in the Twenty- Ninth Word, one devoted to the resurrection; and in the section proving the Divine power in the degrees of “God is Most Great” in the Twenty-Ninth Flash, written in Arabic. For that reason we assign to those parts of the Risale-i Nur the exposition of this matter, wishing, however, to set out briefly the foundations and proofs that solve this mystery and to allude to thirteen mysteries that resemble thirteen steps, or a list of contents. I have indeed written the first and second mysteries, but unfortunately two powerful obstacles, material and immaterial, have caused me to abandon the remainder. T h e F i r s t M y s t e r y : If something be essential, its opposite cannot have access to the essence defined by that thing. For that would be equivalent to the union of opposites, which is an absurdity. Now with regard to this principle, since God’s power is related to His Essence and is an essential concomitant of His Most Sacred Essence, impotence —the opposite of power— cannot in any way gain access to that All-Powerful Essence. Moreover, the existence of degrees within a thing comes about through the intervention in it of its opposite. For example, strong and weak degrees of light result from the intervention of darkness; high and low degrees of heat proceed from the admixture of coldness; and greater and lesser amounts of strength are determined by the intervention and opposition of resistance. It is therefore impossible that degrees should exist in that power of the Divine Essence. He creates all things as if they were but a single thing. And since degrees do not exist in the power of the Divine Essence and it does not admit of weakness or deficiency, no obstacle can in any way obstruct it nor can the creation of anything cause it difficulty. Since, then, nothing is difficult for God’s power, He creates the supreme resurrection with the same ease as spring; spring with the same facility as a tree; and a tree with as little trouble as a flower. Further, He creates a flower as artistically as a tree; a tree as miraculously as a spring; and a spring as comprehensively and wondrously as a resurrection. All of this He accomplishes in front of our eyes. It has been proved in the Risale-i Nur with decisive and strong proofs that if there were no Divine unity, the making of a flower would be as difficult as a tree or even more difficult; the making of a tree would be as hard a spring or even more difficult; and creation would even lose its value and artistic quality. An animate being that now takes a minute to produce would be produced with difficulty in one year, or maybe never at all. It is then on account of this mystery that these fruits, flowers, trees and animals, that are extremely valuable despite their ubiquitousness and abundance, and extremely artistic despite the swiftness and ease of their fashioning, emerge in regular fashion onto the plain of being and assume their functions. Proclaiming God’s glory, they accomplish their duties and depart, leaving behind their seed in their stead. S e c o n d M y s t e r y : Through the mystery of luminosity, transparency, and obedience, just as through the manifestation of its essential power, a single sun reflects it light in a single mirror, so too, through the Divine command and due to the extensive activity of that unrestricted power, it can easily bestow the same reflection —together with its light and heat— on innumerable mirrors, shining objects, and droplets. Great and small are the same, there is no difference between them. Similarly, like a single word can enter the ear of one man without trouble, so too due to the infinite breadth of boundless creativity, it may enter a million ears, with dominical permission. And a single light like an eye, or a single luminous spirit being like Gabriel, through the infinite breadth of dominical activity within the manifestation of mercy, may be present in, or look at, or enter thousands of places through Divine power, as easily as they look at or enter a single place. There is no difference between many and few. The pre-eternal power of God’s essence is the most subtle and choicest of lights, the light of all lights; the quiddities, essences and inner dimensions of all things are luminous and lustrous as mirrors; all things, from the atom, the plant, and the animate creature to the stars, the suns and the moons, are extremely obedient and submissive to the command of that power of the Divine Essence and subordinate to the orders of that pre-eternal power. It is for all of these reasons entirely natural that innumerable things should be created with the same ease as a single thing and placed side by side with each other. No concern or task interferes with another. Great and small, many and few, particular and universal — all are the same for that power, for which nothing is difficult. As was said in the Tenth and Twenty-Ninth Words, through the mysteries of order, equilibrium, obedience to command and submission to order, that power causes a great ship as big as a hundred houses, to move and advance as a child’s finger pushes his toy. As a commander will send a single infantryman into battle with an order from his throne, so too he may throw a whole obedient army into the fray with the same single order. Let us suppose that two mountains are in a state of equilibrium in a large and sensitive balance. In the same way that a single walnut would cause one pan to rise and the other to fall if placed on one side of a balance containing two eggs, it would produce the same result with the scale containing the mountains; through a wise law it would cause one pan with its mountain to rise to the mountain-top, and the other to descend with its mountain to the bottom of the valley. Since there is to be found in God’s absolute, infinite, luminous, essential and eternal power a Divine justice and unending wisdom that is the origin, source, fundament and beginning of all order, regularity and equilibrium in creation; and since all things, particular and universal, small and great, are obedient to the command of that power and submissive to its workings — it follows that God causes the stars to revolve and to move, through the wisdom of His order, as easily as He rotates and moves the atoms. In spring, just as He brings to life a single fly with a single order, so too He bestows life with the same ease and the same command on the whole species of fly, as well as all the hosts of plants and animals, through the mystery of the wisdom and equilibrium inherent in His power, and then sends them forth onto the plain of life. In the same way that he swiftly gives life to a tree in spring and infuses vitality in its bones, with His wise and just absolute power, He also resurrects in the spring the corpse of the vast earth and brings into being hundreds of thousands of different specimens of resurrection similar to the tree, all this with the greatest of ease. With His creative command, He brings the earth back to life. By the decree of, There will be but a single cry, then they shall all be brought nigh unto Us;37 that is, “all men and jinn, with a single cry and command shall be brought to Us and made present at the plain of resurrection.” Again, by His command, The hour shall be but a blinking of the eye, or even closer;38 that is, the bringing about of resurrection and the gathering that follows upon it shall take no longer than the opening and closing of an eye, or even less. Then there is the verse, Your creation and resurrection is as a single soul,39 meaning the following: “O men! To create you and to bring you to life, to resurrect and gather you, is as easy for me as bringing one soul to life; it presents no problem to My power.” According to the inner sense of these three verses, God will bring all men and jinn, all animals, spirit beings and angels to the field of the Supreme Gathering and the great balance with a single command and with great ease. One concern does not interfere with another. The remaining Mysteries, from the third and fourth as far as the thirteenth, have been postponed to another time in a fashion disagreeable to me. From Risale-i Nur Collections Bediüzzaman Said Nursi
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Hello fellow christians. I have some questions I would love to get some answers to. Im 19 years old and kinda interested in fashion. I have recently learned that buying designer and expensive clothes are a sin and started noticing many clothing brands have satanic symbolism on them( i have none of designer or symbolised ones). So based on my “study” I have got an idea I would make my own clothes which i would still like and consider cool myself. And that i wouldnt buy shoes for two or three hundred €, but buy the replicas which look almost the same as the real ones and less cheaper. Would these things be still considered a sin? Is my aproach on this wrong? Is being interested in fashion complettely wrong? Im trying my best not to sin and understand things slowly but surely. Thank you for your answers, sorry if I have spelled or explained well enough English is not my first language. May God be with you all!
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