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I have $30k saved from past 3 years. I have $30k in student loans. Should I pay it off all at once?

Other one-off expenses they covered: getting a visa, passport renewal, dental expenditures (over $10K). For someone who comes from a poor family whose total earnings are less than $30K/year, all this was an enormous benefit!... What Are the Most Successful and Profitable Businesses in 2022? This article is a guide to the most successful and profitable small business in 2022.. However, before we list your next significant profit potential, we want to make sure you have a clear understanding of both the risks and rewards of planning business and undertaking entrepreneurship. Being aspiring an entrepreneur doesn’t ... I will tell you the policies around debt-to-income (DTI) ratios and student loans have recently changed, depending on the type of loan she’d be looking at. If she’s interested in buying the house, we’d be happy to help her look into her options if she calls (888) 980-6716. Hope this helps! Thanks, Kevin Graham So I did a quick calculation. Affordable, meaning junior college and public state college, would come out to roughly $23k for a bachelor. Maybe round it to $30k. When I was paying off my car, which only come out to about a little over $10k. Two years of having to work JUST to pay that off felt really, really uncomfortable. 1. Put all defaulted student debt back on the Universities. Same for any future student debt that is defaulted. 2. Price fixed University tuition rates for all institutions receiving federal money. 3. All those who did pay their student loans back, they get a nice tax break over a certain period of time. Get expert advice on auto loans. Compare auto loan rates and discover how to save money on your next auto purchase or refinance. Classes are likely impacted (even upper division) so even if a person goes to UCLA just for the last 2.5 - 3 years they could easily owe > 30k The real cost - rampant corruption (in california, if they ever opened the books on the non-profit entities it would be a major stunner and awakening for many people). I have about $120,000 in student loan debt (1/5 is federal, the rest is private), and have been making my payments on time since they started in 2012 (which are now at $1,300/month). I have contacted 4 different companies about refinancing, and have been denied by all of them because I don't make enough in regards to what I owe. Not all are ready, not all have the fiscal resources. The racial divide in student debt is seriously stark and nasty. Numbers aren’t in front of me but basically a decade after college the whites have paid a good chunk of their debt paid down and the blacks have had theirs increase. I should look up the numbers and post them, sorry. Report I didn't change my spending habits when I went from $45k/year to $55k/year and thus I'm able to put 13% into my 401k, pay off my student loans, and get a safety net of ~$12k. It was just 3 years ago that I had <$100 in savings and just got lucky to build my nest back up. I'm 29 and have 3 kids.

2022.01.20 17:19 Elterminador714 I have $30k saved from past 3 years. I have $30k in student loans. Should I pay it off all at once?

I just turned 32 years old, currently living in Mexico and working from home. Been living in Mexico for 6 months and I love it so far. I have a gorgeous view everyday and only pay $6500 mxn pesos a month including bills. I saved $30k and have $30k in student loans. Should I pay it all at once? I forgot to mention I own Triplex in Missouri that was $114k in dec 2017 and it makes me around avg $600 a month after paying off bills and property manager. This was my first home so I used a FHA to purchase the property. After a year of living in one of the units I moved to CA. Got a job and eventually started working from home due to Covid. I asked my boss if i can work from home permanently and here we are. I want to gain what so many try to accomplish and that is financial freedom. Been thinking of buying more property but not sure if right now is a good time to buy. The other options im seeing is buying Vanguard stocks like VTI. Any advice or tips would be much appreciated. I know im all over the place but trying to sum up shortly what i got going on without having to type a long short story.
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2022.01.20 17:19 Boxerdogsarecute Has anyone else ever got this?

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2022.01.20 17:19 CasualGamer9933 First day as "PSE" aka "Junior Clerk"

So I had my first day as "PSE" today and I must say I'm surprised, I work at an office and everyone is extremely nice and welcoming from the post master down to the carriers, everyone was very pleasant to me. I didn't meet the supervisor yet though. Reading a lot of posts here I figured management was a toss up. My post master said he "hates" the term "PSE" and refers to me as a "Junior Clerk" Unfortunately I'm not working a lot of hours, I'll be working 4 hour shifts, 6AM - 10AM, however my post master seems to want me window trained ASAP. My 4 hours consisted of...
Sorting mail into P.O Boxes,
Scanning packages and "Sorting" them from the truck. Somehow someone broke the earpieces, I don't know where anything goes so I have to "study" our routes.
Delivering mail to each carriers station for their route
Honestly this job is a breeze, the only downside is I'm not working as many hours as Id like yet but I guess with time that will change. 'I'll be keeping my part-time job for now, Any other "PSE's here? what's it like for you?
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2022.01.20 17:19 LSARefugee Notice to Sue: Developmentally Delayed Child Alleges Homestead Teacher Bullied Her

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2022.01.20 17:19 ICEGOD69 How we can't lol when see these 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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2022.01.20 17:19 fromthebayouu Why are r/NbaYoungboy mods so soft?

All of em pussy especially that thoroway whore
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2022.01.20 17:19 Snoo_60687 Bios repair

Does anyone know someone reliable for bios repairs on this laptops motherboard? Mine got unplugged during a bios update and completely corrupted the bios, can't even boot into bios recovery, bios, boot options, or windows.
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2022.01.20 17:19 alper Facebook set to profile NFTs

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2022.01.20 17:19 GOAT_Tools 33 - M - Tool Designer

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2022.01.20 17:19 GwenOak What is the best fun k-drama to watch with friends on a major streaming service?

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2022.01.20 17:19 pocketcampsara These vegan meatballs are so good. I’m not even vegan, but I prefer them to regular meatballs.

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2022.01.20 17:19 Matimus91 Decided I wanted to paint my Aeldari as the Craftworld Altansar :)

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2022.01.20 17:19 overrated_bicycle Person bought functional video game from me and now they’re gonna likely send me a defective game. What can I do to stop this?

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2022.01.20 17:19 swKPK What was the original plan for Lonna Vash?

As many of us know, the development for KotOR 2 was rushed, and one of the things on the chopping block was Lonna Vash’s role in the game. But what was the developers’ original plan for this Jedi Master?
1) Was she supposed to appear on M4-78? Korriban? Or both?
2) Was she supposed to participate in the final Jedi gathering on Dantooine? I haven’t heard of any dialog for her there, but I have seen mods that include a voiced one-on-one conversation between her and the PC, just like with the other masters on Dantooine, Onderon, etc.
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2022.01.20 17:19 alper Kwarteng blocks £1.2bn subsea cable project backed by Tory donors

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2022.01.20 17:19 DeMAnTImeaut So cute! My new fav mug ✨

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2022.01.20 17:19 alexvvrelico La pompe à chaleur du voisin nous rend fous et il ne veut rien entendre

Du coup tout est dans le titre : on est à la campagne dans un village très calme et notre voisin vient d'emménager dans la vieille maison d'à côté il y a quelques mois seulement.
Sa première initiative a été d'installer une pompe à chaleur énorme et très bruyante à seulement 4 mètres de notre fenêtre. En plus elle est séparée de la sienne par une ruelle et ce sont deux maisons très hautes donc ça résonne de fou. La PAC tourne en continu et il la met à fond la nuit.
Du coup on a mesuré et ça dépasse de très loin les réglementations prévues par la loi relatives à la lutte contre les bruits du voisinage. On ne dort plus la nuit (40 dB tout de même) et la journée y a ce bruit de fond vmt pénible.
Forcément en le confrontant il a joué la carte de l'agressivité et nous a ri au nez + nous assure que des travaux seront pas faits avant un an : "vous pouvez toujours courir"... niveau politesse on a vu mieux. Il doit vraiment se dire qu'à la campagne personne viendra le faire chier, mais vu sa réaction il doit savoir que c'est pas très cool de faire ça et surtout complètement illégal.
Il dit aussi que le bruit n'est vraiment pas grave mais bon la PAC est tournée vers nous et peut-être qu'il l'entend pas de chez lui, mais le bruit est vmt très pénible. Pourtant je vis à Paris en semaine, ma copine étant à la campagne et on est plutôt habitués au bruit.. on fait pas les fines bouches mais la....
Du coup pourriez-vous me dire quoi faire ? J'ai contacté le maire de la commune qui semble de notre côté mais je ne sais pas s'il a un quelconque pouvoir sur le truc.
Merci beaucoup pour vos retours.
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2022.01.20 17:19 Alexia_691 O dia que eu pensei que minha mãe tinha morrido (TRAUMAS CAP 1)

Vou ter que separar essas histórias por capítulos por que eu tenho muitas situações que me trouxeram traumas e elas estão quase sempre ligadas aos meus pais (minha mãe é bipolar e narcisista e meu pai é um gay não assumido). A psicóloga falou que seria bom colocar essas coisas pra fora e eu queria registrar isso de alguma forma então vou contar de uma situação que me ocorreu quando eu tinha entre 11 e 13 anos:
Minha mãe desde sempre teve problemas pra lidar com a raiva e era muito agressiva especialmente comigo mas era com a minha irmã e pai, mas ela sempre jogava essa raiva muito forte em cima de mim e quando ela ficava brava por conta de desconfiar que meu pai a estava traindo ou só por que eu havia cometido um erro bobo de pré-adolescente, mentindo pra ver anime escondido, ela fazia das nossas vidas um verdadeiro inferno. Ela tirava motivos do meio DA TERRA para poder alimentar a raiva que ela estava sentindo e colocar isso em mais alguém então eu sempre tentava me calar e me afastar dela nessas situações, mas ela fuçava no meu facebook e implicava com as mensagens que eu mandava pra minhas amigas. Enfim, ela era descontroladamente agressiva e por conta disso chegou num momento que meu pai colocou na cabeça dela que ela precisava de calmantes e ela realmente levou isso a sério e começou a tomar um bem forte que eu não me lembro qual era já que ela não tomava essas coisas na frente de mim e da minha irmã, mas era forte por que foi por causa desse remédio que eu pensei que ela tinha morrido. Dito isso, minha irmã que é sete anos mais nova que eu e que era bem pequenininha era muito apegada na nossa mãe naturalmente e ela sempre ia niná-la e ficar com ela antes de dormir enquanto eu só tentava descansar e dormir mas me lembro que naquela noite minha maninha não deixava minha mãe sair de jeito nenhum e ela tinha acabado de tomar o remédio, que era super forte, e ficou lá por pelo menos uma hora. Quando minha irmã finalmente caiu no sono eu vi ela sair meio devagar do quarto e eu só vi quando ela tinha caído mas ela foi descer as escadas e eu senti um ESTRONDO no chão. Assustada me levantei e corri até a escada e quando desci o segundo lance eu vi minha mãe no chão e estava muito escuro e agora eu sei que tenho miopia, mas naquele momento parecia que tinha uma poça de sangue ao redor da cabeça dela e ela estava caída de bruços desmaiada com a cabeça virada pro outro lado. Lembro que caí pra trás de tanto medo e pavor e pensei que ela estava morta mas aquilo era na verdade o cabelo dela mas no escuro parecia sangue e estava num formato que me lembrava aqueles efeitos cinematográficos. Subi meio em choque as escadas e acordei meu pai e ele pegou minha mãe e só a colocou na cama e me mandou dormir.
Ele mal me perguntou se eu tinha me assustado, se eu estava bem ou se quer cogitou chamar a ambulância já que a mãe caiu da escada e bateu bem forte a cabeça. Por sorte ela acordou no dia seguinte como se nada tivesse acontecido, mas era sempre assim quanto acontecia algo chocante. eu tinha que lidar com isso sozinha e nunca tinha o apoio e cuidado de um adulto e se não fosse por mim, meu pai mal teria encontrado minha mãe caída até o dia seguinte e hoje em dia minha mãe me quer morta... enfim, esse é assunto pro próximo desabafo.
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2022.01.20 17:19 burpgodawgsburp Per Twitter, Lane Kiffin just landed in Athens. Speculate away.

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2022.01.20 17:19 More-Mechanic7349 Hydromorphon+ oxycodon

Guten Abend miteinander, Ich habe eine sehr hohe Opiat tolleranz weshalb ich mich an ein Selbsttest gewagt habe. Ich habe 24 mg hydromorphon und 40 mg oxycodon klein gemacht und nasal konsumiert. Falls es mich Flashen sollte werd ich davon berichten.
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2022.01.20 17:19 LxveNxThxtties “Hell” (Deviant, 4D Cinema, Dore)

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2022.01.20 17:19 UnlimitedAmbition23 Never forget!!!

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2022.01.20 17:19 alper Fed opens debate over possible digital currency

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2022.01.20 17:19 vee1rotate Play FUT on the road

I travel often for my job and I always bring my PS4 to play FUT online. Been taking the game competitive this year, but the wifi in some hotels are so slow and laggy. I have tried using my phone and it’s the same or even worse. What could be a good solution for reliable gaming internet on the go?
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2022.01.20 17:19 Msm_code_99670217JF Mega aerodactyl raid on me hurry up 0408 1672 5730

0408 1672 5730
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